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I have a family, I have a job, I maxed in under 3 years



Different poster. Correlation does not equal causation. Bots increase based on ease of access to computing, knowledge that Runescape is one that may be botted for gain, and number of gamers generally. Botting will constantly increase since the RuneScape gold playerbase or celebrity of Runescape increases, because there is more money to be produced. This increase was not alone caused by skillcapes.

I really don't have a counterargument for your point especially. I just felt like saying that personally, while in theory that the argument that Runescape will be better with them may be right, I would be less interested in that match. Max cape and skillcapes are why I made my 1 and only OSRS account and they are why I continue to play Runescape. If a single mechanic at a game is the driving force behind my 3000+ hours in said game, it's difficult to participate in a thought experiment where it is removed. Just some ideas.

To take it a step further I even feel this way about achievement diaries. I like the idea of players to getting a account. The giant mole is ruined by the falador achievement diary.

I have a family, I have a job, I maxed in under 3 years. I may not have everything that I need, but I realized my goal. I'm sure each of the times your son/daughter was wanting you'd play peek-a-boo with them rather than grinding 99 rune crafting will be well worth it in the long run. Only a random edit - I was not trying to be a trolling smartass or condescending. This remark came from a place within me one day not long ago, my lovely little 2 year-old daughter (the funniest picture of me) walked me up in my computer desk and stated"Dad-Dadup!". I knew that meant she had been tired and wanted me to pick her up, sit her on my lap and play some fun games with her.

I stated"Babe will you come? I can't get this boss kill with her in my lap and I only need a few more kills then I am done". My wife arrived and grabbed her and took her to play some building blocks. My little girl just wanted to spend some time with her daddy but buy OSRS gold he had been too busy using all the insatiable mill of RuneScape to pay her attention and that's why I don't provide one fuck around RuneScape or it's market.


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