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I had a good deal of pleasure with MUT until about 3 weeks ago since I can'



What's your honest opinion on both games? Madden 20 had some of the worst gameplay and the worst material program, but it was the mut to create coins in. Since team building is my favourite part of mut, I truly enjoyed madden 20 for this reason. Not becoming madden 21. Should they release content for more than 8 months in 21, maybe Ill get 22. Im great with my madden 20 franchise style, Ill just upgrade the roster through community files during the year. You're absolutely right this season, about creating coins. In the Mut 21 coins event that you were not"MUT rich" you were doing this wrong.

I had a good deal of pleasure with MUT until about 3 weeks ago since I can't do weekend league anymore and I sold my team. Kinda regret it bc I wish to play with with SC or MUT with my buddies but it's not exactly the worst. Also gave 2 away GTs in a stream I'm pretty busy in so that was enjoyable. As for 21, dependent on the gameplay discussion on Thursday, I'm pretty excited to see what else Madden has in store for this year. It is going to be a little more clear what the match is gonna be like in the beta.Madden 20: First Madden (playing MUT because 16) I am really glad finished early. Forcing myself through WL full of out stretches and blitzes for coins contributed to burnout.

Madden 21 Constantly excited to get a new Madden because meta's haven't been discovered and the sport is not as repetitive for its first few months. Which really makes me believe Madden should definitely be a game that comes out once (for free) and only gets expansions with new capabilities. The yearly structure they've now allows them to state"we'll just fix it in the next game", but then next years game has its own issues that come up and will not be fixed until the next calendar year. Produce a 1 time game, and they are made to fix things as they come up or people will just quit playing. Watch Anthem (so much potential, such shitty implementation smh).

I was quite hopeful initially and Madden 20 faded quickly. Feel the same as the past couple of years except a lazier effort. Gameplay has been bad all season and it has seemed as a whole they have not listened to their fan base enough. Madden 21 Things will need to change. We want a few content. We have gotten to where we anticipate the same promos in the times and I believe we need a shake up, holiday promos excluded. I would like to see adjustments to exploits and glitches. Sadly this last few months, with what we have seen I am not hopeful.

How to have fun in MUT and stay competitive without spending cash?

I was thinking about getting into MUT in 21 but I'm not drop bank for 22 only on it to come out after. I struck this and 99 nms is my first year of mut along with my first year I actually played online madden. Having a little bit of buy Madden nfl 21 coins luck along with a progressive grind ( does not feel like that much when u play throughout the year) u can find a pretty good team without having to spend a dime and actually have fun creating it. Surely, but you have to spend a lot of time to grind. Either in game or on the auction house, however you have to place it. Do not invest money till you prefer the team you want to bet and have. You will eliminate money typically.



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