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Contest's Requirement:
You can only use the Complete Collection by Aurora Designs The exhibit has to include an indoor and outdoor sections The exhibit can only house 2 different animals You must have  5 screenshots:  outside view of the indoor and outdoor sections, overheard view, and inside view of the outdoor and indoor sections You must post your screenshots in the comments section of this contest.

Event details

Zoo Tycoon 1 & 2 Events 5 Comments · 0 Reviews


Contest Guidelines:
You must make at least a 10 minute Youtube video. The zoo must have a spooky theme. Only real (living/extinct) animals are allowed.  Try to use animals that are seen as being scary by some people. The spooky theme only applies to the zoo's scenery and decoration.  It can also apply to tour objects. The staff and guest can have spooky clothing.  The entertainer can be dressed up in a spooky costume. The video must start at the entrance and cover the whole zoo.

Event details

Zoo Tycoon 1 & 2 Events 0 Comments · 0 Reviews

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