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"Digital Design by Request" Guidelines

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Please read carefully, both designers and requesting members.

Yes, believe it or not, we have a New Section: "Digital Design by Request"! What does this mean? Amongst the Word Nerds, we have several very talented digital designers who have volunteered to take your requests for avatars, signatures and banners for free!!! Enjoy!!!

How will this work?

Each designer will open his/her own thread where members of the forum shall be able to see the designer's work, specialties, availability and any other info each of them deem necessary to add. You can then ask your chosen artist for a special design. The specifics of each design will be then discussed between the designer and the "client" by PM, so as to leave the main threads as uncluttered as possible.

The requesting member has to understand and commit to be patient 'cause these things may take a while to be put together and many of our artists are real life professionals and therefore, have their "real life" jobs (yeah, there's a real life out there, lol).

Also, take into consideration that some of your requests may be doable and some may not be done exactly the way you want them to be. Specially in the case of avatars and signatures, the site has some limitations as to size and weight in kbs of the images.

All signatures, blends and banners requests from the forum DDT shall ONLY be for entertainment purposes. Commercial/business or other kind of requests can be made to the artists but not on the forum. You can deal with the designer either by PM or email. The HOTWN forum will have no responsibility whatsoever in such transactions

Last but not least, you are free to use these designs here and in other forums and sites. Be sure to give credit to the designer wherever you use their work. Some designers may choose to include their signature or tag on their designs. Also, the designers have posted examples of their work. Please do not copy them or use them without their permission as some might have been made specially for a person in particular.

You may find a designer's thread locked sometimes. This will mean that the designer is overloaded, has personal/professional stuff going on at the moment, has gone on vacation (good for them!!!), whatever, that makes it impossible for him/her to take more requests for the time being.

Avatars and signatures forum limits

Avatars: Only one image can be displayed at a time, its width cannot exceed 150 pixels, the height cannot exceed 200 pixels, and the file size cannot be higher than 64 KB. The file size/weight can only be higher than 64 KB is you are using the "Link to an Off-site" option in your profile (photobucket and imageshack are dependable image hosting sites to use for this purpose)

Signatures: This is a block of text and/or image that can be added to posts you make. Picture Size = Maximum 200 px in height x 600 px in width. Lines of Text = Maximum of 2 lines using a 'normal' font size (Maximum 6 lines if there is no picture used). When editing your signature exclude the use of line breaks (blank lines) to create space between text and/or pictures.

Hope this will be a welcomed addition to the Home and be sure that as we continue evolving more features and improvements will be incorporated!

Designer Team Coordinator,

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