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In this section, you'll find several ways you can help promote "This Loud Morning", its singles, "David Cook" (the album) and David's music in general.

We want as many fans as possible to join in this effort, so this section will be open both for members and guests to read. Guests should register in order to post.

Also, bear in mind that this Section is open to the public of all ages, so make sure to keep it PG (unlike the rest of the forum where only registered members may enter, age 13 and up, and curse and innuendo to our heart's content). Wink

Any suggestions are more than welcome! Please check out there isn't a thread already open regarding the subject you want to address before opening a new one. These are some examples of the kind of threads that will be found here:

* Ways of promoting David's music in other social networks
* Ways of promoting David's music internationally
* Links to radio requests
* Links to voting online or otherwise

Thanks to all!

Go WordNerds!CheersCheersCheersDC Cheerleader

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