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Michigan Concerts Video interviews

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These 2 videos are from this past weekend in Ann Arbor, MI-thanks!


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Some good questions there!

Also wanted to bring this over from my Kokomo recap - Dave did an extended Q&A in our VIP, and there is some good stuff there as well.

With thanks to MsCRC, who was able to get all this down to recap - bless her, I was there and had forgotten half the questions, lol.

Quote :
21 October 2013
The VIP in Kokomo ended up being a Q&A Session with 2 songs because of space limitation, and David not being able to do the usual M&G/photo ops before the show.

The questions were great and there were many things revealed that I didn't know about. It was informative and sometimes hysterical. We also got 2 songs - Rapid Eye Movement and Mr. Sensitive.
David's grandmother and some other family members were at the VIP session.

It was a long Q&A, so this recap will be long. Smiling

1) Question about whether there will be more tour dates in January: David said that it is very likely. They are looking at some dates now. He doesn't know when or how long.

2) When is the next CD coming out? The answer: Wait for it....... SOON He's talking to a couple of labels trying to nail down which one is the right home and when that's sorted, they'll get into a studio to get the CD recorded

3) Favorite Guitar to play: It changes: Les Paul, Firebirds. Loves South Paws Guitar in Houston. Calls it his Mecca. Got Japanese Telecaster there. He plays it on Eyes on You. For playability - Pure tone, he likes Les Paul.

4) Are you working on new songs & are you doing any solo writing? He said due to lack of trying he hasn't been writing by himself. He really enjoys the collaborative work. Name checked Andy, Kevin Griffin, Zac Malloy. Said there's comfort level in songs because he knows the guys so well.

5) Asked if he'd be coming to Terre Haute IN? Answer: Hopefully SOON, not on this run. Last played there with MWK in 2007 for a frat party. He said he almost went to Indiana State University.

6) Question about what Amp he uses: Divided by 13 half stack for bigger rooms (no clue what that means). Some kind of 50 Watt for smaller stages (can't recall name)

7) Favorite toothpaste? That amused David. He said it may be the strangest question ever. Said: "it's on sale", then decided Close Up

8 ) Fondest memory of Kokomo. David said both of his parents are from Kokomo and has a lot of family here. He came here during the summers. Played baseball. Craft Store in Forest Park. Dairy Queen.

9) Are the glasses he's been seen wearing real prescription: NO. First pair found at Urban Outfitters for $10. Andy chimed in that it was "insulting and to make fun to people who really need to wear glasses" David said he got them to go out in public and maybe people won't take pictures of him eating etc, but ended up liking wearing them. They make him feel smarter. Feels he can use bigger words when he wears them.

10) Someone mentioned they love the new songs and think some sound Nine Inch Nails - esque and asked if NIN inspired him - Yes they did. David said that moving to Nashville inspired him and Andy to trying to just go with it and to stop trying to be a certain way in order to make it. They had total creative freedom. When they started writing, he began listening to NIN, Civil Twilight, Mutemath, Muse & many others. More electronic elements. All of these bands were inspirational.

11) There was a couple there and the husband told David that they had lived in Kokomo for a long time and after 15 years had to move to another part of the world for a job. The song "Life on the Moon" and his wife held him together at the time. Asked if David will play it. David said he'll do his best to try. (And we know he did play it at the show.) He said that the song was about his Idol experience. He was used to living for 25 years within certain means, and then everything changes and all of a sudden he's on the Today show, and in NY & LA on the same day. Life changing process of Idol. Once Idol is over, he had no idea how it was going to be and felt it was like being on a different planet.

12) A man asked David to walk him through Billy Jean selection on Idol. David laughed about Idol "editing things", mentioned Doxology & Eleanor Rigby situation. Told the Chris Cornell story. Ran across Chris's version of Billy Jean and felt it could work for him. He actually wanted to do more with arrangement, but there was no time.

13) Arena's or Small Venues? Depends. Arenas pay better but David loves small venues. Arenas shows can be all bells & whistles. Small venue shows are real and "dirty". If he misses a note or forgets a lyric, it's obvious. He feels you get more authentic responses in small venue. Short answer is he prefers smaller venues.

14) Do you ever do karaoke? Answer: NO, but I did do it for 4 1/2 months to get a job (Idol joke). He said he tries not to go to karaoke places because he has a weird quirk of not liking to hear other people singing. Mentioned not even being able to watch Saved By the Bell "Zac Attack" when they sang "Friends Forever" episode. He believes it all started with his mother bringing the video of him singing "Sandman" when he was a kid to his grandmother and family to watch at X-mas. He said he ran out of the room embarrassed. He asked his grandma if she remembered that and she said that she did and that David made that video tape disappear. David joked it was in her fireplace.

15) What's the reason for the lyrics on the new merch T-Shirt. (Where do We Go lyrics) - Certain lyrics carry more weight for him. He loves that lyric.(When the Light Leaves Our Heart, Will We Know Where to Start). He went on to explain the lyric. According to David, a lot of transitional things happened to him and his band in the last few years. It means when the newness wears off like coming off Idol and playing arenas and everything is easy and everyone is taking care of things for you - which is very nice. But then to get away from it and to take more control. When the newness wears off, will you know which direction to go. He said he doesn't know if he figured that out, but is enjoying the process and joked he may end up in wrong space and make a country record.

16) Asked who he keeps in contact with from Idol. Hopes to reconnect with Archie when he gets back from his mission trip. Saw Michael Johns last winter in Jakarta. Talks to Carly and Brooke. Follows Syesha and Ramielle on Twitter. Ran into Jason Castro in Nashville. Syesha is in Book of Mormon. Ramielle has an online apparel accessory company.

17) Tigers vs Red Sox? Said he's very happy about the Chiefs. Always been a Boston sports fans, but would be happy with either Tigers or Red Sox.

18) Do you think Idol will ever do a songwriter inspired theme? David wasn't sure. He mentioned new producer this year from Swedish Idol. Feels bad about Ken and Nigel leaving. He loves them and they did amazing things for his career. Feels Idol should be more about contestants than judges.

19) If they had a Songwriter's night what song would you sing on Idol? Pete Yorn - Lose You.

20) What's your process of picking covers on tour? Wants to pick songs that most people have heard. Talked about weird response when they try to play songs most people don't know. Also songs that they can do something interesting with.

21) Who was your hero when you were younger. Said he geeks out on athletes. First autograph was for a local high school basketball player. First big break was from a band called 8stop7? (don't know for sure). Singer of the band was dating a girl in David's high school and came to the Mr. Jaguar competition (which David won in 2001). He heard David & his band sing a Guns & Roses cover and told him to get in the studio and record. So, 2 weeks later Matter of Time was recorded in some guy's basement. David said it was a terrible record. (I do not agree with that statement). David mentioned he misses the newness of just starting out and trying to figure out what kind of musician he wants to be.

22) What would be your last meal? Then changed to favorite meal? Pizza King Pizza from Kokomo, QT Taquitos, Dunkin Donuts Coffee, Blueberry Cheesecake from Dosey Doe (I had that cheesecake at the venue when we had dinner there before the show and it is that good!), Big Red gum.

23) What did you do for 30th Birthday - Drove to Tulsa. Had an ugly Xmas sweater party. David's outfit was chosen for him - He was wearing a Christmas sweater with Santa peeing "Merry Christmas" into snow and red courduroy stretch waist maternity pants (he only realized that part later). He didn't even win best sweater. His friend Trev Carter won.

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Thanks Barb and Jeannie!

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There's so much to be really excited about. Yahoo! DC Cheerleader Yahoo! 


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