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Designer:  Kremated187

Download Link:  In need of a new download link. If you have this download, please contact a Moderator or Administrator.

My Tigerdile is a Nile Crocodile Variant, Not A Completely New Animal, so to Access this in game, place a couple of Nile Crocodile's and the Tigerdile will appear  Razz

Install Instructions:  Place In Your Zoo Tycoon Main Directory

Picture:  Tigerdile

Edit: Added A New Picture Containing A New Variant, and added The new variant to the download, the new variant was originally going to be a a completly new animal, not jus a variant, but im not really into the coding aspect of creating, and missed alot of stuff out, and it was really bugging me becuase i couldnt get it right, i was going to create a small pack of new animals called,
Zoo Tycoon 2: Hybrid Heroes but decided becuase i cant code the animals, i'll just release them as variants lol, enjoy Smile

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6 hours ago, Dylan Hooton said:

This is a joke, isn't it? There's no download link.

No, there was a  working download link when it was first posted.  Overtime, the file was lost.

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