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Mammoth's Mountain

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Original Creator:Blue Fangs(The Map)


Bugs/Information/Notes: No bugs

Requirements list:

Pine Marten, Itchyosaurus: http://tgames.scorpions.cz/zoo2/index.php?clanek=76

BZM Marine Mania Mini Pack, No Grid Hack, Biome/Space Hack, Yeti: http://s6.zetaboards.com/Environ/index (Account required)

North Amercian Opossum, Awesome Australia Daytime Dreamtime, Ice Age Eurasia Pack, Woolly Mammoth(Zooasaurus), All 3 Ground Sloths, T-Rex roar fix and re size hack: Here at Zoo Tycoon Wildlife.

Entelodont, Glyptodont: https://sites.google.com/site/bunyupysproyects/

Megafauna Pack(Only the Indricothere):  http://z11.invisionfree.com/ZT2_Mystery_League/index.php?s=93de10fa8e2c42f9aa4c42b3d0ec98ec&act=idx - ZT2 Mystery League may no longer exist

Pteranodon:  http://zoosdelmundo.mforos.com/1603002/7504654-zt2-excelentes-proyectos/?pag=8

Asian Lion ES Version, Flame Decoration: www.zooadmin.net/ZT2/ - Zoo Admin no longer exists

Placeable Ambients Pack, Dracorex: http://zootycoonabc.de/ - Zoo Tycoon ABC no longer exists

Cerrado Savannah Pack, Winter Magic Park: https://sites.google.com/site/auroradesignshome/

Picture: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/641/overviewmapfp.jpg/

Download link: In need of a new download link. If you have this download, please contact a Moderator or Administrator.

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The links above for the requirements list are merely for the ease and convenience of members in finding downloads. Please take into consideration the original date of the download post and remember that websites and links go down and cannot always be fixed or replaced. It is ultimately up to the member to find the listed downloads.

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