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the car chase with the big yellow machine and its lady driver

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i entered a church service that was being held in a trailer that was on an open green field. along with me was another female, i'm not sure if it was my grandmother, or a sister that i know. we went to stand in the front row. there was this short, stubby man with a long sleeve shirt and pants that were to tight. he was leading the praise and worship songs but there was no music. right after the offering was collected. all of a sudden the other female and me looked at each other and realized that we too had to give an offering. we search for it but all we could come up with was some coins. as we were about to deposit it up front the man picked up the offering which was on paper towels and left the scene. next scene is that we saw the people walking towards the back as if they were leaving they asked one of the ladies if there was going to be a teaching she said no there is not going to be a teaching. and we could tell that the people understood that if there wasn't going to be a teaching the service was over so they all left and we left also. as we stepped down to the grass and were geading to the car a young girl held up an orange sign that said "car wash" and was trying to convince us to participate in this car wash. but we humbly said that we were not in an economic situation to pay for a car wash. as we were heading to get inside the car I saw the lady that had said that there wasn't goinh to be a teaching run to get on a big yellow equipment machinary like the ones they use in making roads. as our car started driving off this machine that was being drove by this lady came after us with such force and determination. with car we started going fast and crossing unto other fields that were right next to each other. they were all beside each other on both sides of a paved road but our car just kept crossing the fields on one side. these fields were divided by a line of green tall trees. with the car we were a ble to go through the trees with no problem but we could always see this machine diagonally to us on our right side. she was never right behind us or even really close to us but i could feel the intensity in which she was chasing us. she was not able to go through the trees as easily as the car did with teh size of the maching the trees trampled over with the machine she was driving. now, all of a sudden in the car is my husband and another man and the other female just no longer existed. i could not tell who was driving my husband or the other man or they took turns. well we decided to make a quick and sharp u-turn to the left and started driving on the paved road and its as if i got into the car and jumped over to the back seat. and we were going really fast to get away from the big yellow machine and the lady driver. while we were going really fast the car went zig zag, it swirved because we lost control of it because of the speed we were going. and we saw a police car and we though oh no he's going to pull us over and we don't have time to stop becasue the big machine is still after us. so as we drove on we looked through the back window to see if the police car was coming after us then all of a sudden we saw some 2 or 3 cars were behind us that the police car was still in the same place. however we noticed taht the man in the passenger side of the car behind us pulled out a shot gun and then we saw that the police car had pulled that car over for no reason because the police officer did not see the shotgun. and we could see through the rear window that the driver got off the car and walked in front of his car to go and meet the police officer on the passenger side of the and he had the shotgundown toi his right side. now when the police officer was approaching the car i noticed that he had on a white uniform with a white hat like the canadian mountain police wear. and the driver also had on the same white hat and uniform and when the police officer saw that the driver was also a police officer he approached him with more ease and confidence and with a smile. but then the driverpulled up the shotgun and shot the police officer we could the exposion of the shot and the police officer i gues fell down and as that man turned aroung and pointed the shot gun to our car around at the same moment i said oh no who is thst man that was shot. oh no it's pastor ----- which by the way is the pastor of our church. well the man shot at the car and shattered the rear window and it was at that moment that i said no this this dream has to stop right now and i can stop it i am waking up. and i woke up so stop the dream. during this whole dream not only was i in it but i was also watching the dram as if i was watching an action movie. with that kind of intensity the quick change of sceneries, the noise of the car chase, the gunshots during the dream i could feel the fear of being persecuted by this lady i felt fear but i also knew that i could stop; this dream at anytime by waking up and getting up from bed but i felt that my body was too tired to get up from bed and that even though i felt fear in the dream i was too comfortable laying down because my body hurt so much from being tired. i didn't want to physically get up because i felt like this big huge metal iron was on top of my body preventing me from physically getting up. thank you for reading this and i also pray for ilumination in figuring out what is the whole message from God with this dream. please know that i am not a person who watches tv often and when i do it';s because my young girls are watching public children programs. or i watch the christian channel. i do not go to see or rent or by secular movies either so i know that a certain movie had an influence on me anytime right before this dream. thanks once again

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