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Flying Trees and Flying Creatures

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I was in my kitchen and looked outside the window in the dinning room. Large Trees were being pulled from the ground. Then the trees were being thrown through the air. One flew into my house and hit me just above my right eye. I tried to duck, but I still got hit. It was very extremely windy, but it was a beautiful sunny day. I ran to my back yard with my mother, father, and brother. We were ducking from the trees when we suddenly notice these flying creatures soaring in the air. I was so excited to see the creatures. I told my dad they were sent to save us. He asked me how I knew. I told him God had given me a vision of these creatures. The creatures appeared to be flying fish and were VERY BIG!!! The trees that were being torn from the ground were all the trees from my yard. My neighbors grass got all crinkled up when I looked at it. Then I woke up.

Maria flower

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