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Young men being arrested.

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Hi Everyone,

My husband and I were in the house (not my real house). I got up to turn the house alarm on. The alarm was disconnected. I told my husband but I felt really uneasy about this. We started looking out the windows. We walked out the front door and saw a group of young men being arrested. I looked to my left and saw some young men coming from behind the house trying to hide behind trees. Before we could even tell the police they started chasing them. We ran to the back of the house and saw they were being arrested and another group of young men were being arrested also. These young men were black and latino.

There was an open field area behind the house. I said to my husband, "we can come out here and saturate this area with prayer". He agreed. I felt good about the arrests. We went back in the house to put our kids to bed. I was a bit nervous because the kids rooms were on the bottom floor far away from us. IRL all our rooms are on the top floor. Any thoughts?


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