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Dream Guy Again?!

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Remember going into this girl's house (she resembled an old high school friend of mine) and her television was on. I remember seeing the R&B quartet "Dru Hill" (one of my favorites, by the way lol! ) singing. They were singing to a crowd of young people/young adults about the dangers of the drug Meth. The Lead singer Sisqo (aka Mark Andrews), had on a large Tan color woven sweater/turtleneck that came up to his mouth and a little to his ears. There was a little hole where his mouth was so that he could talk. I was soo excited to see them (I absolutely love their harmonies and music!) I specifically remember seeing two other members of the group--Woody (who sang gospel music for a while) and Nokio (who has a child by the famous radio Jokey from New York--Angie Martinez). Anyway, there was a tall guy in the group who was also talking to this group. It seemed like it was a "summit" where people get together to discuss topics/ideas that are pertinent to the young generation or general population. He had on a tobaggan? The young man was really engaging as he spoke and the audience seemed to really like him.

Fast forward and the guy was in the living room of this house with me--don't ask me how he got there!! lol! There was this large tan colored recliner/rocking chair that I was sitting in and he happned to be sitting on my lap! He was SOOO attractive to me. He was tall (not lanky, but just right in size), nice creamy complexion (dark and handsome) and he looked alot like this guy who I thought was attractive from a school I used to attend. He had on a yellow sweater and khaki pants. I think brown dress shoes? He seemed comfortable in my lap. He was asking me questions--I guess trying to get to know me,etc. One question that stuck out to me: "Do you have a temper?" I didn't want to answer at first out of fear of what he would think (like I was crazy when I was mad, etc) but I answered him anyway, taking a little time to think of how I would say it. "yes" I said. HE asked if I would "throw his clothes out, or burn his pants up, etc?" (Again, act all "Crazy" if I were mad) and of course I said, "No"...I would just ignore you?"...We just looked at eachother for a while--but I could tell that he was interested and felt me challenging. I admit, I was playing "hard to get". *wink

He asked me what I had a degree in (didn't even know he knew I went to school) making references to art and other things etc, but then he said, "communications". How did he know? BINGO! I nodded yes. At this point my eyes were closed but I was still listening to what he was saying--opening my eyes up every now and then to acknowledge that I was listening. I felt so comfy around him. Every moment of silence I would start sucking my thumb and resting my head in his neck--as my security blanket! I knew this guy was attracted to me as he kept "looking down" at me and gazing (he was on my lap remember? lol! At one point the chair went backwards! I had forgotten that it wasn't a rocking chair! As I went back I tried to keep my balance (keep us from falling) and I held on to him, trying to protect him! what Making sure the guy was okay/safe? What was wrong with me here--I am paying attention to a man's needs now?!!! :huh: rofl I said, "whoops! I thought the chair was a rocking chair, sorry!"

*If anything, I think this guy will be into television (ie: public speaker, etc) like I am. I know that he will be interested because he was asking me all of these questions. He looked very youthful in the face, but i didn't ask how old he was--I was HOPING He was older than me!
what do you guys think? thanks for your help

desiree huggins kiss

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