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by HisLightbeam on Sun Aug 16, 2009 12:20 am

I dreamed that I was driving across a bridge in Mississippi, and I could see some mountainous looking area. Three cars ahead of me was a van driven by a guy with dark brown hair. He was arguing with his wife, who was acting like it wasn't bothering her. She had on shades. They had children in the back. The van was white, and had a travel thing on top of it. He got so frustrated with her that he swerved off of the bridge and the van launched out into open air in this big arch. Of course, that made us all stop. I was screaming, and probably was really screaming in my sleep. What does it mean when I see a vehicle do that. By now, I have seen that several times. The person gets desperate or does this like a last resort thing out of frustration. It's crazy. Anyway, the van was falling very quickly, but not quickly. In fact, it launched me into another dream where a crowd of us were watching a shuttle in the sky, and we were all standing on a country. There were some people standing on another country who launched a missile from their shoulders. It was a big missile. I want to say that it was Russia, because I am down in Southeastern US, but they were standing to my right to the extreme north. They had on winter clothing, like turtlenecks and serious parkas. I had on a casual shirt and sweater, along with the others standing on my country. Someone was talking to me about my prosperity. Like it is here now. But I couldn't tear my eyes away from the missile launch. I could see myself looking up in disbelief while the man was talking to me. He was talking very loudly like he was trying to snap me out of looking at what was going on and get me to focus on the good news that he was telling me. I heard him, but it seemed like I couldn't receive out of fear and worry about what was happening in the sky. The shuttle seemed to be trying to do evasive maneouvers, but it couldn't do this quickly like a little object, say a car on the road. Also, that missile kept changing its course to adjust to the changes the shuttle was making. The shuttle was getting closer like it was trying to land, but I was afraid that thing and the missile was going to hit us, and there was really nowhere to go. There was a bridge over us that was like a rail on a rollercoaster ride, only way bigger, like a thousand times bigger. The sky was so beautiful and blue with light little white clouds floating. The whole thing was a marvel to me. My chest was heavy with all the different emotions I was flooding with in this dream. I think it was too much for me, because I woke up. There were other things happening in this dream, but I cannot express these things in words. It was a lot. I waited a day to see if I could express it better, but I cannot. I know that the moon was close like when you see someone across a room.

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