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Dal lai Lama In dream/being chased.

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I Hope someone can help me interpret this dream; It is fairly long but I know it is from God.

Dream 22/20/09

I was going to the gym and the head of the gym (where I have
been going in real life) was in the dream although he was very good looking but
very nasty and evil.

A fight started in this gym between myself and him, and he
began to get help from other men in the gym. I threatened to leave and a whole
crowd of men surrounded me and began singing Aussie larrikin songs. I began to
feel intense fear as they hovered over me, mocking my womanhood. Then my pastor
came calling and the battle began. I had to get out.

The head of this gym did not want me to get out of the
contract and I said “this gym is a farce, it’s walls will crumble and you will
close very soon”. He then began to visciously mock me. And as I began to leave,
others in the gym started to surround me and tried to convince me to stay. I
remember swimming/ sitting in a pool arguing. Then my pastor came round the
side of what was now a house. It was lined with pebbles and so she made a noise
walking on them. A lady from the church – a very dutiful and religious lady,
yelled out to all in the gym – “Ever since she got divorced …….” I knew she was
gossiping and talking like she thought my pastor was rebellious so I spoke out
and rebuked her for saying bad things. I heard my pastor then say something
about the pebbles making noise and I knew she was beckoning me to come outside
the house/gym and come with her.

Then instead of going out the door, I went out the back way,
cause of the intimidation I felt in this evil environment, and then I climbed
out a window/or back door to this big high construction type of temporary
holding and I knew I had to climb down it.. When I got to the bottom, I was in
an asian country and the Olympics were on and being filmed in this indoor
swimming pool, they tried to hide me from the cameras but I swam through the
lanes not caring- as I exited the shallow end of the pool near some of the
Olympians (they were asian) I walked out into an asian restaurant. I ate
something that was odd (can’t remember) then I had a dish of tempura prawns and
as I did I was very aware that some of the food may affect my intolerances. It
was night and I could hear fireworks going off and celebrations. This was a
house turned into a high class restaurant. I had to keep moving. (by this stage
I had turned into a jungle boy- like the chosen child)….

I moved into the front rooms of this restaurant/home and it
was like a normal asian living area – neat and clean – but unused and then I
kept moving, when I got outside there was activity on the beach (the beach was
outside the house/restaurant) and I noticed the Dal Lai Lama was there with a camp fire – nice
cushions to sit on, other monks and a T-Pee in front of the fire.

He greeted me warmly and as I walked over to him, I noticed
my enemies were camped right near the shore with a combi van. I kept thinking I
had to get to my pastor as she would save me from these terrible people.

The Dal Lai lama raised an asian trumpet looking instrument
to warn my enemies, then took pity on me and put the trumpet down. I was so
glad. I then knew I had to go into the tent, once I got into the tent I saw two
snakes, but one looked like a toad and the other was like a tai-pan. Then I
heard in my head a commentary saying these snakes had significance and would be
metaphorical and foretelling of the future and that I would find the answers in
the dream interpretation I had read in the book of Daniel that I had actually
(in real life) read the other day, like there was anointing for dream

Then I woke up- I was very fearful, startled and knew it was

Some thoughts are;

Gym- represents world’s way of doing things

Intimidating men – the intimidation I experienced breaking
up with ex

Pastor – wisdom

Pebbles – making noise

Asia – foreign, ungodly

Da Lai Lama – false religion, principality

Evil people at beach – world and enemy

Snakes – evil world v’s God’s system - toad

Jungle boy – being chosen, pure and childlike faith

If anyone has anything to input please do.

Bless you all for reading this.


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I'm glad God gave you this dream.
You don't wait until you feel ready to use your gift, you use your gift when God tells you too.
You are very important to God.

God gave you the key to this dream, so please let us know what you come up with.

You go girl :)

oh also, a gym is a place to (build up your strength)

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I just really see the end times, spiritual battles in this.
I,m going to keep coming back to this one, hope God will reveal the truth to me.

The first paragraph, sounds like the world leader waging war against the Christens, and then the nations joining in.

The only contract I can think of to get out of, is the one that started in the Garden of Eden. (Death)

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Thanks Trueflight,

I was thinking it was personal but not certain as this is a very metaphorical dream....

I will take note of what you said and keep praying. I can definately see the correlations you have mentioned.



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I'm exploring that option too, But I'm seeing end times in it.

If it is personal, could the contract be a generational curse?

I feel the contract, the pebbles, and the book of Danial are important here.

The book of Danial is end time prophecy.

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I somehow think that the whole dream is about escaping wordliness, of which I have been involved in with my ex and stuff and that it may be about getting to the truth and that there is a war for my soul between the real (tai pan) and the fake (toad).

The child represents who I am in God a child on an adventure Him,

I think the dal lai lama represents false religion and deception and that there is a principality I must break in the spirit.

The food is eating uncleanness and taking that into myself. The swimming pool and gym are places of preparation I feel and also the gym is that i have allowed the enemy in somehow to my development in God and that it is a contract/principality I have to break in the spirit. My pastor walking on the pebbles is the truth making noise and warning me of what to do and the construction temporary built around the house is God's training in my life and that I am in preparation for His purpose.

The enemy is on the frontline (shore) and GOd is calling me out there but I need to get into my prayer closet (tpee) first and conquer the enemy in the battle to see the real from the false (snake and toad)....

Wow I just got this!!!!!

Praise God!

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Good job, that all makes sense.
Pretty much God is telling you to focus on him.
Dint you tell me that about a week ago.

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The pebbles making noise stood out to me

Luke 19:40

"I tell you," he replied, "if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out."

Matthew 21:42

Jesus said to them, "Have you never read in the Scriptures: " 'The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone; the Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes'

Romans 9:32

Why not? Because they pursued it not by faith but as if it were by works. They stumbled over the "stumbling stone."

1 Peter 2:7 Now to you who believe, this stone is precious. But to those who do not believe, "The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone, "

1 Peter 2:8

and, "A stone that causes men to stumble and a rock that makes them fall." They stumble because they disobey the message--which is also what they were destined for.

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I remember now that my pastor had a look at this dream and said the pebbles were waking me up, to let me know of trouble ahead I think and also said that the jungle child was wild and rebellious and this makes alot of sense to me. After having looked at this so far from when I had it, it makes sense. So much worldliness and false stuff and compromise as God is preparing me for His work. I know as God prepares me He is telling me to confront the enemy and separate the precious from the vile.

IRL the gym I go to has hindu and buddhist statues in it and the Gym is run by a new ager. INteresting that This gym was in my dream. Like in preparation to be strong in Him God is using me to confront the demons and lies of satan. These pebbles keep coming to my mind. I think it is about my pastor being used as a gentle warner of all that is happening and that I need to draw close to the authority of the word and the warnings of the Lord as gentle and subtle as they may be.

hmmm selah Scratch Chin

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