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Haitian man holding a kitten.

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I had this dream last night/ I felt alarmed and amazed at what unfolded before me. I felt it out of my reach to help.

I had a dream that I was crossing a bridge from a park where people were not allowed to cross the bridge and leave. I wanted to help them leave because the park had no real purpose to it. For some reason I could come and go. I was watching a keeper (of the people in the park) leave the bridge so I could signal an okay for someone to leave. I turned around and there was a kitten. Just as I seen the kitten he started crossing the bridge and fell right through a missing plank, on to the ground below. I was alarmed for the kitten and looked for potential problems when a fat cat came up to it and sniffed him, I was trying to get help but the kitty was out of my reach. I knew sometimes the older male cats would kill there own. It walked away. Then a fat dog came up and just as the dog was approaching the kitten, this man, he was very short and stout, and he was Haitian and he scooped up the kitten away from the two (domesticated? predators.) He held the kitten sort of awkward as if he did not have the mental or physical ability to hold the kitten properly. I was trying to tell him don't let them get the kitten, they will kill it. The dog and the cat calmly perched themselves at the foot of this Haitian man waiting for him to drop the kitten. Like they do when your in the kitchen and they are waiting for a bone. -dee Newine

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