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Common Themes: Cars

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To dream of being in your car represents something that is
going to happen in your waking reality. Our cars are very
much like our bodies in reality. In reality we have a spirit
and soul and we live in and get around in a body. Our
houses represent living in our bodies while our cars
represent the travels or daily life that we experience in our

Some important things to note when dreaming about cars,

Is your car out of gas? Could symbolize a need to rest.

Does your car need repair? Could symbolize your life out
of order. Sometimes it can represent the health of your

Which way are you driving?

  • Backwards - means you are doing things backwards.

  • Driving backwards but in the right direction - you are
    doing the right thing but going about it the wrong

Going the wrong way up a one way street - you are
heading in the wrong direction.

Police in your rear view mirror - check yourself, are you
disobeying the law?

Being pulled over - STOP NOW.

Stopping when you see police pulling other people over to
make sure they aren't trying to stop you - doing a self
check. In this case the police let you go - you are doing

Facing and looking out the back window - looking into your
past or seeing people or things from your past.

Driving from the back seat - feeling of having very little
control or unsafe situations.

Someone else driving your car - someone else controlling
your life.

Driving someone else's care - controlling their life.

Following another car - submitting, being a follower.

Sitting in the passenger seat - passivity.

Sitting in the back seat looking forward - being driven, who
is driving you? Your boss? Driven at work. In a race?
Driven to succeed.

Getting a bigger car - increase in your life, job,

What is the road like that you are driving on? If the road is
currently bumpy, slippery, winding, it could represent the
feelings you are currently experiencing. If the road up
ahead is bumpy, slippery, winding, etc, it could represent
your future. The road we are traveling on ahead - future,
behind - past, where we are now - present. If there is an
obstacle in your way, there could be an obstacle or a
hurdle coming in your life. If you find a way of escape or
an alternate route, it is an encouragement that you will find
your way out of the current circumstances.

Seeing people in our cars can be foretelling seeing that
person in our waking reality.

Whatever is going on in your car, the road your car is on,
is likely going on in your life or will be soon.

This article was written by Mia Sherwood and can be found at www.heartsongministry.com

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What does it mean when the car is not your car and there is no indication of whose car it is? No one is driving it or even inside of it. This has happened in two of the night visions I've been given. I had read somewhere that cars can mean ministry, so I was trying to interpret the first vision as being about a full ministry and a half (maybe half-time) ministry to which I was being called. I was thinking that the second vision meant some kind of calling into ministry too - that the details of this car would reveal more about what kind of ministry. What do you think the cars in the following visions might represent since they do not show car or road conditions or anyone driving or owning the cars?

In one night vision a glint of light caught my eye, so I looked towards it. Through a large window with horizontal blinds twisted open, I saw the light glinting off of one car and reflecting on the car next to it. I could only see part of that car since the frame of the window blocked the view of the rest of that car. The light seemed to reflect back and forth between the two cars.

A different night vision showed a new-looking old-style red car with an arrow design on its sides parked in my driveway. Again there was no sense that this was or wasn't my car, but it was in my driveway in front of my house. It could belong to a visiting friend or family member who has parked there or it could be mine. No one was in the car or near it.

In both dreams the cars are parked. The first vision shows me one and part of a second car (so 2 cars) parked in a parking lot. The second vison shows me one car parked in my driveway, in front of my house. In the first vision, I could not see the condition of the cars, not even colors. The light glinting between the two side by side cars seems important. In the second vision, the car was a maroon red. The arrows were the same color as the rest of the car. It seems important that it was parked in my driveway in front of my house. The arrows seem like a significant detail or the car would have been plain, like most car doors.

I also wonder if these two separate visions are related since they both use parked cars as symbols. Thanks in advance for insights you can share.

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In my dreams I often see cars as my own "energy" or place or thing my life is focusing on. Who is in control? How are you "positioned" in this situation? Driving, a passenger, looking forward, looking back etc... I pray the Lord shows you in your own dreams what this means.
I just read what Mia had written about cars and learned even more! Praise God.

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You wrote that these questions help you interpret: "Who is in control? How are you "positioned" in this situation? Driving, a passenger, looking forward, looking back etc..." But, that's the point of my question. In both visions, I'm not positioned in the car at all and neither is anyone else. I can't consider any of the suggested details because they're not present in my vision. I'm asking what to make of this since it seems unusual compared the the normal way of considering cars in dreams. Please pray for understanding to be revealed and see if He will share parts of the understanding with you. I will also keep praying and seeking Him about this, but I believe He likes to cause us to rely on each other too. Thanks for responding!

For the first one, I'm in a restaurant (I think that's the kind of building it was) looking out a large window at 2 parked cars which belong to I don't know whom. The glinting light seems to be the major action.

For the second one, the car is just sitting in my driveway in front of my house. The major details seem to be its color (maroon red), its style (new-looking old-time car), and its arrow design (same maroon color) on the sides of the car.

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I've been having visions for the past few weeks that my car explodes when I'm driving it. I am driving forward and it is in my own car....well one of the cars my family owns . The flames are orange with yellow and some black smoke.

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