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2snakes and then a tiger..what is this?

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3 dreams.

1st dream. last week

i had a dream of two ladies with two small dangerous looking snakes...in the dreams the ladies are trying to make me be friendly to the snakes in their hand..but i couldnot..becos in real life i dont like snakes or scare of them..so in the dream i was scared to touch them..i just want to get away from them. when i woke up i was furious..and which i go back to the dream and blow the ladies and thesnakes up.

2nd dream. last week. Some one was trying to dagger me with a knife from behind a door in an unfamiliar house and i dodged. then inthe same room i was hiding..i recognised a former employer of my husband i know..tiggered a dagger or arrow outside from the widow at me..but he did not know i saw him ..he threw it...and as soon as it came towards me..i pull my side one side..it missed.

3nd dreams..was today. First it appear i was watching tv with my kids and i was kind of feeling bad why i did not predict this programm. i normally screen programm before they watch..in this tv programm was a woman playing with a tiger..then it change to as if the tiger was playing sexual act on her...Then the dream scene change...and I saw a tiger kind of in the street. And the tiger was trying to attack me..but i notice something...it has a rope tied to a woman( dont know her) she seems sick or had mental issues(the tigers appears to be hers). Then i jumped on a fence or a high thing. But the tiger could not get at me. secondly i saw again that the tiger was sick and the lady appears to be taking it for treatment and i find my self and my younger brother( and some people too) in the same bus with this lady and the sick tiger....and in the dream i didnot trust the tiger even though it could not attack anyone..and i was telling my brother for us to leave that place quickly...and we left there...

Please pray and tell me as the lord leads you.


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