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Wedding in old dorm building

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A friend of mine (Robert) had a dream that he and I were on our old college campus about to go into the dorm building. I think the dining hall side. We were laughing ang joking and then we saw a girl we used to go to school with and Robert was loud saying "hi" to her. We'll call her "J". She was in a wedding dress, plain-faced, no makeup. She said "shhhh" for us to be quiet as if she was about to walk into her wedding or down the aisle. She appeared to be by herself, nobody giving her away. She was waiting for somebody to cue her. Then a female that Robert is good friends in real life and who has expressed interest in him with walked up, looked and he and I and then cued the bride to walk in. In real life she is the bride's sorority sister. The 2 significant parts that he emphasized is that the "Bride Cuer" was skinnier than she is in real life. Also, the bride "J" didn't hug him at all, which is unusual because they are good friends in real life.

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