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Solar Eclipse

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I had a dream that I was standing on my aunts porch of her old house with her and a couple guys but I only remember one his name is Bolare. I was standing facing the door and Bolare was drinking a beer. Then all of a sudden the sky became dark and when I turned to see the reason why I saw the moon passing over the sun forming a complete formation of a circle. I kept looking in amazement. I was afraid because it was unexpected and no one on the porch knew it was coming. Then I heard a voice speak to me from heaven but I don't remember what the voice said. I do remember that it scared me and after God finished speaking the moon moved backwards and then forward over the sun again. Next came lightening. This cycle continued rapidly over and over again.

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I read this in the news last week--maybe your dream is related to it.

Over the next month, the world will experience three eclipses: two partial solar eclipses a month apart and one total lunar eclipse exactly in between, and it all starts with a so-called "midnight" eclipse of the sun.

A solar eclipse at midnight? How is such a thing possible?

It can happen near midsummer in the high Arctic, the land of the midnight sun. And it will happen this week on June 1 and 2, visible in the northernmost reaches of North America, Europe, and Asia. [Photos: The First Solar Eclipse of 2011]

These two solar eclipse sky maps available here detail what observers could see during some of the upcoming eclipses of the sun and moon in June.

'Midnight' solar eclipse of June 2

The eclipse begins on Thursday, June 2, at dawn in northern China and Siberia, then moves across the Arctic, crossing the International Date Line and ending in the early evening of Wednesday, June 1, in northeastern Canada. [2011 Solar and Lunar Eclipse Skywatching Guide]

That’s right: The eclipse begins on Thursday and ends on Wednesday because of the International Date Line. Because observers in northern Russia and Scandinavia will be observing it over the North Pole, they will actually see it in what is, for them, the middle of the night of June 1 and 2.

Solar eclipse no one will see on July 1

Exactly a month later, on Friday, July 1, an equally bizarre eclipse will occur in the Antarctic.

Because this is the southern winter, the sun will be below the horizon for almost all of Antarctica, except for a small uninhabited stretch of coast due south of Madagascar. The only place the eclipse will clear the horizon will be in a small area of the Southern Ocean, far to the south of South Africa. [Solar Eclipse Photos: The View From Space]

Chances are that this eclipse will be witnessed only by penguins and sea birds.

Lunar Eclipse of June 15

Exactly halfway in between these two partial solar eclipses, there will be a total eclipse of the moon on Wednesday, June 15. [Blood Red Moon: 2010's Total Lunar Eclipse]

The eclipse will be visible for millions of people in Africa, the Middle East and southwestern Asia. It will be visible as the moon rises in the early evening in South America and Europe, and as the moon sets before dawn in eastern Asia and Australia.

Unfortunately, it will not be visible anywhere at all in North America.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2011/05/31/article-rare-triple-sky-treat-lunar-solar-eclipses-june-july/#ixzz1OQVYdhRg

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Thank you for your reply. After I had the dream I woke up and googled what does it mean to dream of an eclipse after going to a couple of dream symbol websites I came across a Wikipedia page that said something about an eclipse happening on June 1, 2011. Which caused me to look further into dates of eclipse. (I always find reliable sources I only use Wikipedia as a guide) anyhow I also came across the same article from foxnews.com. Although I thought it was bazaar I know I didn't read or hear about this from any source because I don't watch the news at all and I've been going through so much lately Ive completely isolated myself from people. So I wonder what caused me to dream about this or if it has some personal meaning for me. Maybe the fact that there were real eclipse were just a coincidence.

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