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the quest


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Hello everyone,
I had this dream, where I have been hanged on a Tree.I am still able recall how I felt life draing out of me, and withen the blink of an eye, my spirit is taken upward towards Heaven, i can look down and see a layer or a platform shooting out the earth from my sight, and in an instant i can no longer see the earth,, but my feet kind of land on this platform, and sudden i find myself in a Hall were people seem to be worshipping someone i am made to believe is God. But as i got there, this ''god person'' is not inthe Hall, only people i seem not to have ever seen, i can not recognize anyone.
I start singing praises and worship, when suddenly someone appears at the door and every one becames silent and fall on their feet and worship this ''god''.
He comes in and sits.Now self introduction begins, when it gets to my turn, i get up and in an attempt to say my name and where i come from, this ''god'' cuts me short and goes ahead to give a wrong identity as he introduces me as coming from Kenya.I get shocked as i wonder, ''well this can not be my god, because if he were my God, the Great I AM, he would have known that i am not from kenya but rather from cameroon. At this point i am taken out of there and I wake up.
what really puzzles me is the fact that (in real life) my 2 best friends whom we even pray together are kenyians and i am a cameroonian. What the Lord is saying in this dream, i am not getting it. (that's if this dream is from the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob)
Please help with some insights.
God bless you all.
Love in Jesus.

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