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A Very Interesting Dream...

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I wanted to thank you all in advance for any insight the Lord gives you on this dream. I hope it is ok for me to post my dream I had about one month back.

It started where I was approaching a military car that people used in war. It was dark green. When I came closer to the car, I seen the keys were hanging on the outside of the car and these were my keys. I guess this was my car in the dream. It was parked in my friends family's parking lot. This is a friend that I have not seen in years but talk to on occasion. Beside the car was a brown table that was full of jewels like necklaces, purses, wallets that seemed to be things I had given them from my heart and they were returned to me, left for me to pick up on the table right outside the car. It was really early in the morning. I looked at the time and it was around 7a.m. I remember looking at their house windows to see if anyone was up and I seen a light on but I wanted to hurry up and get in the car without them seeing me. I also felt like the jewels and precious items were things that maybe pertained to my identity but things that were precious to me being left out there. I had mixed feeling in the dream like wow, I could not believe that they kept those things that were close to me and maybe meant something of value to them.

I got into the car and it was hard to drive because instead of a huge window that is displayed on most cars in was a very small window like the size of a wallet that I could barely see out of. It was shaped like a square. I was trying to drive and felt weak and tired. There was a great song (one of my favorites) that came on when I started the car. Some of the lyrics say, "When you smile, I just stop and and stare for a while, because you are amazing, just the way you are." It gave me encouragement while I was driving. I also was wearing a huge long military coat in was dark green and was really dirty looking. My hair was shaggy and in my face and I was very frail and skinny did not look well.

As I was driving, I seen my friend that I have not seen for years (the same one I talked about in the beginning of the dream) who I wanted to avoid. He passed me on his bike. He actually in real life has a bike so this part was almost real. I came to a stop light and I could not drive anymore. I got out of my car and there was my friend who handed me his hand because he knew I was weak. He helped me out of the car and transferred me into a white car. I kept telling him not to look at me like this and how embarrassed I was to be seen looking so sick. He said get in the back and I will drive not to worry about anything that he was going to get me some help. He told me that I looked sick and I needed to go the hospital. I remember driving with my head down and hair over my eyes. I seen him being worried for me. We got to the hospital and he hugged me and said I am going to make a room ready for you. I was sitting on a brown bench inside the hospital. He was in his nurse clothes, they were blue. (He actually if a nurse in real life.)

By that time I was about to pass out, he picked me up and held me to my bed. Placing me gently in the hospital bed and said now you can rest and I woke up.

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