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gracee (lionhgirl)

Grandpa's cookies

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Hi everyone,
I was at this theme park trying to work out a ropes course and to my right was a line of people. I look down the line and see my grandparents. I've only met them once in my life so I'm quite shocked to see them, and I run to hug them. Grandpa wonders where the rest of the family is. ----I'm hoping this is literal as I might be going to a big family reunion overseas in a few weeks :D God willing.

Then the scene changes and there's a big property with a large mansion. On one side of the mansion is a grassy area for the dogs, on the other side was a big party. There was a gate in between. The man looking after the dogs had grabbed two large dogs and was standing at the gate calming the dogs, about to enter the party - the dogs were excited to go in, not aggressive. Then I became the man calming the dogs, just before opening the gate.

I enter the party and its different again. The dogs are now gone and I am myself again. I approached my grandpa who was standing behind a cash register selling cookies. It was the end of the night and I hadn't gotten a cookie yet, he was shocked. I could see He gave me a bunch of cookies. I got a close up of the receipt, which was a very fancy document, all red with gold writing.

Once at home I got a birds eye view of my room. A woman was in the room and she was trapped by the furniture. So I was moving the furniture around (like you would in that game the Sims?) – I could move the furniture without touching it, just mentally. Eventually the furniture was arranged so the woman could leave my room. Then I was actually in my room and I had a wooden frame with the photo of a cookie. The photo was three quarters covered, and I thought to myself ‘I have to put a different photo in there’... I think because I thought it was silly to have a photo of a cookie, or maybe because it was covered, I'm not exactly sure...

Mmm, appreciate your thoughts, sorry it's a bit long!

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