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Dr. Cindy Trimm prophesying that pastors wife is under the spirit of Jezebel

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I had a dream that consisted of my mom wanting to speak at our former church. Our Senior Pastor's wife, told her that she shouldn't speak there, Also that it made her and the church look bad when my mom didn't attend church because she was tired from other things. My mom decided to speak at the church, Dr. Cindy Trimm came, and spoke over my mom and said that the First lady of our church was under the spirit of Jezebel and manipulation. She also seemed the have a problem with my mom decorating for our former pastor's wife, Because they had just moved in next door to us. Dr. Trimm spoke to my father that we were to move back to our former church. Than, my mom was counseling Rapper T.I.s wife Tameka (Or Tiny) and my dad made a business deal with T.I. I remember this dream had the color of green and gold

Dream 2.
I was in our old church, I said hi to my former pastor, His wife said she wanted to talk to me about something, I went into her office. There, Her son and my dad were there, Her son proposed to me and I accepted it. This dream had the hint of purple in some of it

Dream 3.
My friend and were at Mercedes Fashion week, and we were modeling our own work, And everything sold out and we were very successful. I was married, she wasn't just yet. This dream was pink

Dream 4.
I'm walking down the aisle, I see my friend as my maid of honor, My pastor and former pastor marry me and my former pastor's son. I'm on TBN with Pastor Paula interviewing me, Than I'm with Pastor Riva Tims church, Pastor Paula speaks over me and my former pastor's wife... This one had yellow hints in the dream

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