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end of the world,.im in love & trees start walking

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In this dream, iys december 21 & i'm in love. I'm at this event with my partner and some friends. In the middle of this party theres an earth quake. In the distance I can see everything falling it changes direction and heads towards us as a shockwave. Everything collapsed & alot off people died. Only a few made It out. I turn around & I see trees starting to walk & they trample on everything n their path. Me & two othet women make it to this house. It sits high & u could see everything. We find the woman who lives there & she doesnt care if she lives or dies we manage to convince her to come with us. When we get back to where the party was the government is tying people up & putting them in white vans. I see my partner in the van & he t tells me to go the other way. The two othet women & I go out & look for people who know or work with the government because they know how to set the prisoner free. we speaking to a woman who didnt want to help us until I found out that sje had a loved one who was being held. I told her I wouls have still tried to help. She was affiliated with the government that use the only way her loved one would stay alive. Plunge ofd the women can discern the thoughts of people. Thats where the dream ends.

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