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lively person

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Hello, Chay -

Where in your life do you have a similar struggle like the one you had with the guy in the dream - and where you feel the same? As in, what is persistently pressing into your life that causes you to respond like you did in the dream:

-Looking to others to deal with it
-Actively pushing it away, perhaps with anger
-Wearing you down

The guy in the dream, as you pointed out, was smiling - not angry or violent - and persistent. This could be about a real-life person who desires a relationship that you are resistent to. Or, these characteristics are also those of the Lord. If no one in real life matches this situation, the dream could be a message to you that He will be persistent in His relationship with you, even through the moments when you respond with resistence.

This is not necessarily the interpretation, but my own thoughts. So, if you do not feel that they fit, then go ahead and toss them.


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