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rocky path ,,,cash prize,,,,,stream.ruler........................,,,,

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its a saterday, im goin 2 a cafe that attracts tourits up in the hills, a woman runs it, theres a game u can play 2 wina prize,  happy dance ,,i throw a tennis ball up the path it rolls dwn an knocks ova a barrel, a $1000, written on it,,i win,   :hooray:happy dance,,i ask lady 4 the cash, she demands a entry fee what nerd ,,like she didnt say, i pay her,  nerd then walk dwn this rocky path, she is waitg at the bottom sittg atta desk, she writes me a chek, happy dance,,i put in  mi bak poket, then i hav2 walk across a fast flowing stream jus above ankle deep, i hav hikeing boots on,  Cheering i walk across,,glad ive got good boots on,  the water is kool  :wow:then im at a store,the staff seem to know ive won serious muni,what ,,im trying 2 avoid them ,,as im leaveing i pik up a steel ruler 12 inches long,Scratch Chin 

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