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The Optical Center and Children's Clothes

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Hello, all -

I'll try to be concise with this one, sharing just the main thoughts...

I was working at my old retail job. I was wearing a different employer's t-shirt. I knew that I shouldn't have worn this. I was about to finish up my superior's task of setting up some displays in the store's main aisle (she had begun this work). We were standing in the Optical Department while she gave me direction. She finished our conversation by referring to my shirt, saying that another employee had accepted a form of discipline in order to correct his similar mistake. I understood the comparison - that I should do what I needed to in order to put on the right uniform for the job, even if that meant a reprimand.

I'm now on the other side of the store in the children's clothing department. I wasn't actually coverage for this area, I simply had work to do in this place. So, I wouldn't be as familiar with customer questions as this wasn't really my purpose for being there. While there, I was approached by a man and his wife. The man was in a wheelchair, and his body was only from his ribcage on up. I knew he was going to ask me something. He wanted me to get him a child's outfit from the lowest hook on a display - basically at floor level. I knelt down and asked him if this was what he wanted. He said that it was, showing me a flyer with it pictured. It was identical, except that the pictured item had printing on the shirt (all I remember it saying was something about Charlie Sheen?). I told him that these were not the same, but I would ask someone who would know where the real one was.

I found three people from this department and asked for help. One of them led me to where the outfit should be. Oddly enough, there was a second Optical Department in this area.

Any thoughts on this one?

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