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2 dreams on same night- pitbull

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I have been praying for salvation for the guy I have been shown I will eventually marry. He is currently in a relationship. I have been shown in dreams this women and I really don't like what I see. Everything in me is saying evil spirit or intentions....Jezebel perhaps. She is always controlling in some manner. I had these 2 dreams.

I was sleeping. Mom and Gracee (my neice) were in one bed. I was in another. I woke up in middle of the night. I saw Zach walk down the hall. Mom asked him where he was going. He said to work. Someone came to work sick and had to go home. They called him in. He looked tired. Mom went into the bathroom. She said see if Kelly is still awake. I was going to look for her number. There was a video playing on my phone. It was a skit on TBN about the Rapture. Gracee woke up. Jacke had heard the video. She said that was neat. She mentioned something about Gracee. I told her Gracee usually goes back to sleep. It was 1:27 am. I told Gracee to go back to sleep and before you know it it'll be time to get up. She said ok and went back to sleep. I grabbed my phone off of the dresser to show Jackie. Jackie and I went into the living room. She wanted to see the video again. I told her I would try but not sure if it will since it didn't finish properly. It wouldn't play the same video. I was sitting on the couch. Zach walked in with a baby and puts her on the couch. He was going to change the diaper. I see a job application. Something about congratulations and moving from Kansas to Mattoon. I am holding the baby. Dad had asked Mom where Zach had to go. Mom told him to work. Dad said he should check with the company first. Now Gabby is there with a baby. She told Zach she still needed to show Charity. I see a box that says Charity ______ (last name) on it. Zach says I'm still friends with her. He was going to tell Charity.

2nd- I was at Jody's House. Aiden was there. He wanted to do something. Swim...I believe. Jody said no not today, Marlene is coming to get you later. Jody fixed the boys pizza for lunch. Marlene was taking the boys that night. I thought that was nice of her.

I am then at Grandparent's house. I am out front. There is someone else with me. There are also kids riding their bikes. The other adult told the kids to get off of the bikes. There was a young girl there that didn't want to get off. She told me NO! I asked do you want to go stand in the corner. She said no. She got off of the bike and went into the house. I then had Gracee and another girl by the hand. We were going to the backyard. I saw another guy. He had blonde hair and a little facial hair. I asked him if he could take them (the girls) and that there was a child inside the house and no one else is there with her. I needed to go get her. He said I'll see what we can do. He then said my girlfriend is inside.

I am now inside the house. I walk thru the house. I go into the kitchen and I see a short chubby lady with dark curly hair. She had her dress pulled up and undies showing. She came walking out with a man. I thought your girlfriend huh?? I then go into the living room and I see another lady that looks just like the one I just saw in the Kitchen. Twins! Now someone comes into the house and is standing in the kitchen with the pitbull they found. The girl that I saw in the kitchen was all excited. She is now there with her boyfriend and she said to this lady you found my dog. She had a leash around its neck. The dog was vicious to everyone and everything but the lady that claims it is hers. Her boyfriend was waving his hands in front of the dogs face trying to be friendly. The dog was snarling. The guy said he is not doing very well with anything is he.

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