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I Now Own My Childhood Home

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Hello, All.

The dream began with me just getting settled into a room of a house from my childhood. I had finished moving in, and this house belong to me. Somehow, I was able to acquire this house and someone had taken my current home off of my hands in exchange. I was somewhat pleased by this exchange in the dream. For the record, I've had a few "childhood homes," and this one wouldn't be my first choice in real life, but there weren't any thoughts like this in the dream.

So, it was just myself and my real-life cat. Thing is, we were in one of the smaller bedrooms with the door shut. Pretty much all that I owned was in this room. It wasn't crowded or whatever - it was just that I didn't own much. There was this moment, however, where I realized that I had the rest of this house to...explore. I now owned the entire contents of this place, and I was aware that there was stuff here from the former owner. Not only that, but I was also aware that, as the owner of this house, I should be sleeping in the master bedroom. This was a bit of a conflict for me, as this would have been my mom and former stepfather's room at one point. Anyway, I proceeded to leave this room and explore the rest of the house.

I will share this detail at this point: The former owner of this house (in the dream) was my ex-stepfather. In real life, this is the father of two of my siblings, and he's also deceased (it's been a few months past a year). Now, in the dream, he had still passed away. I was sensitive to the fact that this was a recent event, and there may be personal belongings that my siblings would be sensitive about seeing.

So, I opened the door of the bedroom and went to check out the master bedroom. Inside was a black cat that had belonged to my stepfather (and my siblings). At first, I was ok with this cat. I looked around the room, and I saw that this cat must have been left alone for a while - there was (used) kitty litter all over the place. So, I would obviously have to clean this up. The cat and I interacted a bit, and then it went to interact with my cat. I was a little concerned about this, since it was bigger than my cat. In fact, it had a bit of dominating behavior over my cat, so I intervened early before anything got out of hand between the two.

At this point, my brother and sister were there to show me some things about the house. They were aware of the state of things since their father had lived here up until his passing. In real life, though, he had moved out of this house long ago. So, the first thing that they show me is a compartment in the hallway ceiling. They pulled some type of rope, and it revealed a gun that had been hidden there. I wasn't too excited about this, but they seemed to find it a little humorous - in a way that sort of said, "That's just like our dad to do that..."

After this, my brother had to leave, so my sister and I continued on together. We went to the kitchen, next. The room looked like someone had been living in there, recently. There were empty food containers and such left out. There were also a few packages, like unwrapped Christmas presents, sitting in a couple places in here as well. Next, I opened the fridge. On the bottom shelf was a case of beer - it was not a real brand of beer. In fact, I tried reading the name on the case, and when my sister heard me, she laughed as she corrected my attempt. The brand was called AR-II (As in, AR 2). I assume it's not a real brand of beer. Her laugh was similar to the gun-discovery - a "that's our dad" kind of laugh. Also in the fridge were these two-packs of wine coolers, like 4 pair of them. I might as well share at this time that this man was an alcoholic, and he eventually died from health issues related to this.

At this point, I was thinking about how this place was now mine and how I didn't have to worry about my old house. I looked out the kitchen window and could see the backyard. Nothing special there...and as I was doing this, I also thought to myself that this house had a driveway, but no garage. I would have liked to have had a garage, but it wasn't a big deal since my old house didn't have one either.

Finally, I had this sudden desire to see the state of the basement. I opened a door that led to the basement; however, this was actually just like my door to the basement in my current house. The stairs were the same as well. I wasn't even aware in the dream that this didn't fit for that house. Anyway, I opened the door and had this feeling of shock. I was even sorry that I expressed it since my sister was there. All over the stairs were more of those opened Christmas packages (never saw the contents). There were a whole lot more than I saw in the kitchen. She saw the packages, too, and began to get upset...like she should have known that they would be there. She made some comment referring to a time after her father had died - it was that her and our Aunt had visited this house in haste (for whatever reason), and so these things hadn't been taken care of because she was in a rush. Oddly enough, in real life, this Aunt is also quite the partier. This is the end of the dream.

As I was typing this out, I think I have the basic idea of this dream. The interactions with my siblings are very much like how they've handled their father's death in real life. My brother didn't take so long to get over it, while my sister is still sensitive about it - especially around holidays. Father's Day is coming up, and it may be on her mind, again. A lot of the exploration of the house may be about dealing with their issues. Still, there are details in this dream that I don't understand right now.

I would appreciate your thoughts - and also prayers for my sister.

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