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Blueberry pancake party and no syrup

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I'm at my house, which is unlike my home IRL. Some family is there, 2 aunts -- aunt Pat and aunt Sandra. They are seated at the far right end of a long dining room table (aunt Sandy never liked me because of some issues she had with my mother and aunt Pat I'm not so close with any more due to a fractured relationship with her daughter and she hated my father). Some cousins are also there. More people are showing up and I realize I am to cook a blueberry pancake meal for them. I've got a really cute baby boy in my arms who is jabbering at everyone and seek to find someone to care for him while I do the work. Several cousins are there -- Joni and Naomi (Naomi I was never close with and Joni is the cousin who I was most close with growing up, like sisters, but she "dumped" me when we got to adulthood and I got filled with the HS about 30 years ago. We don't speak at all now.) I choose cousin Naomi and she agrees to hold the baby in his blanky.

I get the griddle out to cook the pancakes at one end of the table near aunt Pat and aunt Sandra. Somehow the whole section of table heats up, not just the pan. I flip up the end of the table at a tilt to set the square griddle on but realize I can't cook the pancakes at a slant and decide to use the other end of the table.

The kitchen is strange, like a long galley kitchen. The dining room also strange like the top cross of a capital T centered on the end of this long strip of a kitchen. There's a wall behind the table, the entry door to the left and a living area off to the right. The table itself isn't joined, but in sections with flaps that fold out to make it function like all one table.

Next I work on getting the table set. I get the dishes out and someone suggests plastic silverware but I choose to use my everyday silverware. I find glasses for all but turn up one glass short on the matching glassware. The subject of napkins comes up but all I can find is everyday plain white paper napkins, so I use them.

I find 2 other dishes to serve up -- a small bowl of mixed fruit and a small lettuce salad, which I put on the table. These dishes just seem to appear without any preparation or planning.

Then I realize although I'm making pancakes I have no syrup. I think my aunt Pat will be disappointed as she likes real maple syrup. My estranged sister-in-law Susan shows up at the door with a bottle of maple syrup, the imitation kind, but I am surprised and thrilled by this. I realize her daughter Jennifer has spilled some of it and also seems to have drunk some out of the bottle. I get along with Jennifer probably the best of all their 8 children -- she is really bold and big hearted. I take it quickly from her before she can drink any more. My SIL Susan comes into the kitchen. She looks just like herself IRL but is MUCH taller. IRL she is recently divorced from my brother and sadly turns out she is not the good wife and mother she had portrayed herself to be, which was kept from me IRL until everything came unraveled at the last of their 20-year marriage. I ask Susan if they (her or my brother) can go to the store and get me a bottle of syrup. She is not as friendly as she usually is but she is cooperative. But she is very sober, unlike what I have known of her, although IRL she kept a closed door and never truly associated with me during her marriage to my brother. I tell her I will pay her back later.

Then I look and see many people I wasn't expecting come to this party filling the room. I think there is not enough room at the table. But someone shows me there are flaps that are a part of the sections of the long table that flip down and the kids can sit there. I see a child sit there with a hamburger bun on his plate and wonder what he is going to put on it -- we are having pancakes. I am heading back to work in the kitchen. End of dream!

This is quite a long dream. Thank you for reading!

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I am sharing here a prophetic interpretation that was given to this dream by a friend --

Blueberry pancake- blue is the color for revelation. The eye salve mentioned in Revelation 3 comes from a greek word meaning cake or bread. You are preparing something for your family that will bring understanding and reconciliation. Truly this may actually have to do with the church and the restoration of the Lord's supper. You giving your child to Naomi. Also Naomi is how Ruth was grafted into Israel. Reminds me of Solomon's judgement between the two whores, and the revealing of the true mother. Again this makes me think of God's revealing of the true Israel. Malichi 1 tells us the borders of Israel are defined by the bread. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 11 that there are weak and sick among us because we have not properly identified the body of Christ. This is so radical. Susan could represent a relationship of duty or law. This dream says you are being prepared to share a message of reconciliation and revelation to the church.

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