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Driving a car trying to push the brakes

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From what I remember----

I was watching myself first but then I was inside my body again???

My husband and I were coming out of this warehouse with another male but I could not make out who he was. We walked seperate ways as we were driving two different cars--I went left he went right and I hopped inside a Ferrari and began to take off but for some odd reason I wanted and tried a few times to press the breaks.

I pushed the lever down a few times which was how the breaks operated and everytime i did, both of my feet blocked the lever (break) from stopping the car. I got frustrated and my husband said to me---blow on it----then I said---what is that gonna do?---so I did and then I woke up?

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Hi globallhealth,

These are just my thoughts, not an interpretation.

Cars represent to me, the state of my life, and the current situation I'm in, either in my personal or non-personal life.

Since your car kept going and you weren't able to "brake" as you wanted to. Is there anything in your life currently that is going too fast (Ferrari's are known for being fast) for you and you wish to "slow down"?

It's interesting to note that your husband went right and you went left. Is there anything going on in your life that you feel like you two disagree on goals of where you want to go towards? It could be as simple as having different opinions on a subject.

The fact that your own feet stopped you from braking was interesting to me, because I always feel like 'feet' represents being grounded and having stability. Do you ever find yourself feeling like you want to ground yourself a bit more in life, but unable to because of certain situations that keep you from doing so?

Like for example, a mother with children, and unfortunately she can't take a "break" from that. She has to keep going and taking care of her children even when she feels burned out at times with "going and going".

Since your husband told you to "blow" on the brake... does this seem like he's not taking you seriously when you complained about the "brakes"? Does this sound like anything that is currently happening in your life right now?

Ask the Lord to reveal His interpretation to you. He will eventually! :)

These are just my thoughts, please toss what doesn't seem to fit.

God bless,


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