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Sticking Around and The Expensive Shirt

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Hello, all -

In the first dream, I was in the locker room at work. I had finished working a 12 hour day and had just changed my clothes to go home. My brother showed up and we had a conversation about how 1st shift was missing someone. I couldn't be asked to help because I had already worked 12 hours, which is the limit. I jokingly said that I would stick around, though, but only if I could operate the Blendmill - one of the cleanest stations. My brother jumped right on that, saying that it just so happens that the Blendmill is the spot that needs to be covered. Now, apparently, I had worked my 12 hours until 6am, because he told me that someone would be coming in early to cover the 2nd half of their shift...so, I'd be working until 10am. I looked at a clock, and it was after 9:00...like 9:20 or 9:40. I was sort of in disbelief that they'd even bother to have me stick around for such a short period of time. Still, I agreed, and the dream ended with me about to gear up to go cover the station.

For the 2nd dream, it started with me looking at a rack of clothing. It was like I needed a shirt...or, I saw a shirt that I needed to wear for a job. Thing is, it was some type of name brand that I wouldn't wear (or spend the money on), like American Eagle or Abercrombie. There was a feeling like I had worn this in the past. The scene changed, and I was on a bus...like a school bus. There was a girl sitting in the seat with me. It seemed that I knew her, though I don't know her now that I'm awake. She was telling me how her dad needed a shirt. It was the same kind of shirt that I was familiar with. She was hung up on the price of it. Now, I hadn't actually looked at the price on the shirt, so I was going to guess the price based upon experience. At first, I was going to tell her that it was probably $150, but I checked myself before I said it. I decided to say that it was probably about $70.00. She said yes, that it was $79.99...acknowledging that I was really close. She seemed upset about this shirt-thing, and she was sitting forward on the seat with her back to me, so I put my hand on her shoulder as a way to comfort her. She didn't really respond to it, though.

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