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The Lamb's

Stagnant water

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Brethren it has been a long time disconnected with you, i missed getting back and i thank the Lord for this opptnuty.

I had this dream some few days ago. I saw myself on the street next to my grandmom's place and there was water which had dammed there. There were foot prints of cattle in the mud under the water. i had a broom with me and i was using it to erase the footprints in the mud and as i did so i realised pairs of my daughter's shoes(Neo is her name and the name means gift.) appearing on the scene. the seemed like they appeared as i erased the footprints in the mud as the shoes were dirty and damp. A guy who stays next to my gran's house passed me by on the street his name is Khutso and the name means peace. He greeted me and i so did i and then i thought to myself " it is chrismast/december and i am busy here without peace". When i noticed the shoes on the scene and that they are not entirely clean, i decided to take them home to my granma's to wash them together with my 1 pair of shoes which i was planning to wash in real life.

It seemed like the shoes appeared with every set of footprints that i cleared in the mud and the shoes were not entirely clean as it seemed i was just rinsing the mud off the shoes as i wiped the footprints off in the mud. I woke up whilst gathering the shoes to take them home.

FOR MORE INFO: The water was not dirty, it had just partly absorbd the brownish color of the soil underneath as i could see clearly in the water. I was barefoot and my feet were in the water whilst busy wiping the footprints off. I was at peace whilst doing this and it felt like i knew what i was doing. The sorrounding area was dry, it was not like the water was rain water but it seemd like was just water that appeared from nowhere.I woke up puzzled about the dream!

The end.

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