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Watching My Brother Fish

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Hello, all -

In this dream, I was watching as my brother was fishing in a river near our parents' house. He was with someone else, who I think may have been an ex of his. He was on the bank of the river while I was a little bit away from him on the road at a higher elevation - this position allowed me to see what was going on in the water.

This river is muddy in real life, and I don't believe that my brother could see through it in the dream. However, the water seemed clear to me when I looked at it. The thing was, I couldn't focus on it for too long or I'd become dizzy and lose my balance. So, I looked for as long as I could and then I'd look away to refocus.

My brother continued to cast into the river, and then reel in his line, over and over. I could see that there really wasn't any fish in the area. He continued for some time.

Then, I saw a fish take hold of his line. The fish seemed to come out of nowhere and moved with great speed. My brother reeled the fish in and brought it up to where I was. We took a look at it together while he removed the hook. This was not a fish that would live in these waters. In fact, my brother commented that it came here from China. It wasn't a fish that I recognized in the dream, but upon awakening I realized that it resembled a knife fish. As my brother removed the hook, I was uncertain if he was going to keep the fish for food or if he'd throw it back into the river. Actually, I hoped that he would throw it back. Turns out that he did, although he tossed it down the other side of the road. He didn't care if it made it back into the river, really, but if it did it would be away from his fishing spot.

At this point, I was aware that it was 6:18 pm, and that we should be returning to our parents' house.

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