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Cooking/frying chicken

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looking for additional thoughts:

Im supposed to cook chicken for supper for several people that are in the room with me (i think its mostly people that i know irl including my kids). When dream starts i have the raw chicken pieces and i must find a pan just the right size for the amount of chicken pieces that i must cook, initially i choose a smaller one, put the chicken pieces in, realise its too small then choose a larger one which is just the right size. Then i sprinkle salt the chicken pieces, realise, i have put too much and i throw some of the salt away ( i see myself emptying it into the sink nerd ). Then i decide i need to put some chicken spice and i go to the dining room table to get it but its not there. Someone (that i know irl) is sitting on the dining room table where the spice was and i know this person has hidden the spice, so i demand that he give it to me and he does, explaining that he only took it coz he wanted to put it in a spice container rather. He hands me the spice but he has placed it inside a silver salt shaker with 2 tiny holes/ outlets. This is a slight setback for me as it will take me longer to shake the spice onto the meat before cooking/frying it. In the meantime i sense that the children are becoming restless as they wait for their supper and are eating bananas and these tiny pineapple like fruits in the meantime. EOD

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Hello, BelovedoftheLord -

A few thoughts on your dream: For the part where you originally selected a pan that's too small - any place in your life where space is an issue? Since this whole dream is centered around preparing the chicken to be served, could there be a serving/hospitality activity that you're taking care of? Could even be teaching-related. In the dream, you underestimated what you needed, initially. The positive thing is that you only had to make one change to find a pan that was right right size. If this dream is related to ministry, perhaps it actually relates to the space of a facility.

The next section with the salt: You realized that you had put too much in and had to throw some of it away. It's actually this detail that made me think that the activity may be teaching-related. Too much salt could mean that the material is too much of a change for those receiving it. We all need to be stretched in our understanding at times, but this could be too much at once. Again, you recognized this in the dream and took care of it. Another positive outcome to what's going on.

Finally, the incident with the person on the table and the chicken spice: The person may be literal or may represent someone else involved in this, and I'm sure you'd know which is it. I would expect there to be a confrontation between the two of you. For them to be sitting on the table makes me think that they may have...well, poor manners. Their actions may even be childish. Now, your plan was to get the chicken spice, and this person had hidden it. The spice, to me, lends to the flavor of the dish. If it's teaching material, it could refer to the way that it's presented. Spiced-up, you know? This person's actions pull you away from your plan to prepare the chicken. You were, however, able to regain control of the spice...although there's now a delay related to it. A setback, as you pointed out. Your interaction with this person would create the same thing in real life.

Finally, the children becoming restless could represent your would-be audience becoming distracted and restless. They were filling up on sweet things rather than waiting for the nourishment that you had prepared.

These are only thoughts and can definitely be off.

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