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trying to leave a place desperately.

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Hey all,

I had a long dream last week and I must say I never had such a long dream where I remember all details and order of events. I was very amazed that I dreamed a dream that was one entity with logical events happening each after other and covering one night from 9:44pm to 5:41am in my dream.

The dream started with me, a friend of mine and her male friend I've also met IRL being in Ghana, Africa (!) and waiting for a bus to take us to our hotel after a concert. It was evening. A local girl approached and said there are no buses anymore tonight and we should walk. We wondered because it was only 9:44pm (pretty sure it was the time). So we walked and somehow we found our hotel despite the fact there were no people on street and no cars driving. We went in and it was almost dark outside and I knew I needed to pack my suitcase in order to leave the next day. She and her friend were like "chill, we got plenty of time, relax a little bit". This is how she's IRL as well.

I started to pack and she chilled at the hotel suite. Interesting was that I saw no other guests in hotel beside us. I had a great difficulty packing because I felt like I can't find my stuff. It made me angry because there should be no such difficulty to find your stuff in a hotel suite and put them in your one suitcase. So it went on and I gathered my things with great difficulty. At some point I went to a backyard that had a sort of heliport there. A chopper was parked and I boarded it and took a short flight by myself and it felt awesome. I came back as the light was dim. Then night approached and sky got pit dark. I looked up and saw that sky was black and with very beautiful constellation of stars clustered in one area of sky. I wanted to grab my camera, but could not find it even though I knew it was in my bag and the bag was near me. I felt a very strong urge to continue packing and I decided not to waste my time in taking pictures that would most likely not look good anyways because my camera was very simple.
I wanted to take a second ride with the chopper to enjoy the sight of beautiful skies, but then I backed off because I realized it's dark and I don't know how to fly by instruments and could crash the chopper or be arrested. (IRL when flying plane most private fliers fly by sight and it's illegal to fly in clouds and at night unless you passed a bunch of other exams to fly by instruments.) Then suddenly something shaped like UFO landed, but it was sort of oddly shaped private aircraft as it turned out. It landed next to chopper and me at the heliport. There were bright lights, wind and sound as it landed. I was scary and I stood like paralyzed at this sight. Two guys in their early 20-ies got out. They were very annoying and typical party "douches", trying to hit on me and one asked if he can fly the chopper. I said no and he backed off.
I went on packing and it was frustrating because I kept finding my stuff everywhere and I felt like I need to get ready. As I packed, the same friend came and said I need to chill and relax. She brought me ice cream in glass bowl but I had no time to eat. I kept on packing. Then I tasted the ice cream and it has already melted, but surprisingly there appeared a chocolate mass that was super tasty so I kept eating and the melted ice cream didn't matter because the chocolate paste was so tasty.
Suddenly her friend appeared with a car and I was frustrated because they knew they had car, but they didn't use it as we were wandering and trying to find hotel earlier. I had a weird experience where I was seeing the world with the guys eye's as he drove through empty streets, totally empty highways etc. He was kind of lost.

I have had finished my ice cream/ chocolate mass and I needed to go and the last thing I saw to pack was my sport shoes. I realized I have packed and even if I had forgotten something it would not be important.

Morning was approaching and I set out to go to airport on feet. I didn't know where to go but I kind of felt I am on the right way.

At first there were no people on streets, but then there appeared more and more people, many of whom were BBQ in streets. I went through a house which had many rooms and it was a party house - in one room people were drinking and playing cards, in another was a huge Jacuzzi with Mexicans smoking and drinking beer in there and blasting salsa. When I exited the house the sun was about to come up. I went through the streets and there were a lot of people. I knew all men were African, but I saw none. I saw their wives, who were all white and from Europe, but dressed in regular West African women's outfit. There were a lot of kids, too and a lot of cooking in backyards. I went through and came to a place that looked like a terminal with a runway for planes, but saw no planes and I wondered when is my flight etc. I thought briefly "man, what time is it" and suddenly a very clear voice said to me "It's 5:41am". I went like 'ah' and I felt like it's a great answer and everything is perfect then. Of course in real life not knowing when your flight is and not having tickets in hand and standing in an empty airport observing an empty runway through a glass wall in a terminal is not so comfy, but it felt perfect and peaceful in dream...

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