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violent storm outside cracks window

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Hello there,

this was an odd dream, but had a happy ending.

I was in my father's apartment, where I grew up and there was a storm of hurricane strength outside. My father was in another room and my mother, who nowadays IRL doesn't live there anymore (separated, has own apartment near by) was taking a bath. I suspected the wind is gonna burst the window and it did. However, it just made a small crack, you could feel wind and some things near the window flew, but there it stopped.

The next thing I saw was a built up event tent on the other side of street. (IRL there is a market space and used to be a parking lot before a market was established.) These people had my laptop which they used at their party/ event. I saw my laptop which was in height of 5 floor building there in rain. The size seemed normal in dream. I needed to get it and pretty much rest of the dream was to get to the event despite the weather and to get back my stuff. So it involved all kinds of wandering, taking wrong buses, going to my mother's real life apartment, taking wrong direction going elevators and finally I arrived there. I needed to get to the front and I was in the back of the tent. I needed to get through and had to go through a upscale restaurant complete with crystal chandeliers and people in gowns/ tuxedos eating. Nobody told me anything as I passed through and straight through the stage and a red carpet in my casual outfit. The concert was a minimum of 5 or 6 female celebrities playing concert grand pianos in unison, dressed in evening gowns ala Academy Awards. A red carpet was going between the pianos (some grand pianos on one side and some on the other of the carpet) and I had no other chance then to go through to get to the front to get my stuff. And nobody seemed to notice me anyways, except for the organizer. She rushed to tell all is fine and I'm getting my laptop. (alarm went off there) The ending feeling was a relief.

I'd appreciate someone's two cents. I kind of sense in which direction it's going, but not quite sure...

thank you!

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Hi 777Trinity!

thank you for your insight - many great points, especially as laptop and how I use it. A few days ago I started to pay attention to my Facebook use and I came to conclusion that it's stealing my time and that the general tendency once I log on is to be sucked in a black hole. Your perspective only confirms it and could be the meaning of the symbol. Other idea I had after reading this is that I concentrate on one thing that I'm trying to achieve and don't see beautiful things around me.
I don't know, however, what these things would have to do with my parents as I talk on phone with them once every few weeks and we have never been close. Maybe they're worried.

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