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Repost: Back to Back Car Dreams

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A few nights ago, I dreamed I was driving my car and pulled into my driveway and there was a strange white car parked in it. I pulled in behind it and bumped into it and it started rolling back, so I was pulling back out. The next thing I know, I'm out of my car, standing in the middle of the street and watching this car out of control. Then, the car goes forward over a curb into my neighbor's yard and driveway and hits their car and stops. My neighbor came out and we looked at her car and there was no damage at all, and we both just started laughing at everything that happened!

The next night, I dreamed I was at my parents' house, which is still the house I grew up in. I remember I had parked my car at the very end of the street, which is definitely too far from their house, and in the middle of the street! I was visiting with them and my family and someone came and knocked on the door told whomever answered, that I needed to come and move my car. My reaction was "but I always park there" and I went and got on a bike to go get my car. I was riding my bike on the sidewalk, and heard people in the neighborhood talking as I passed by. It was night, btw, and it was as if they had their windows open or were out in their yards, but I only heard them because I was a little embarrassed, thinking they were probably wondering why I was riding my bike in the dark, and didn't look up. I woke up or the scene changed before I ever got to my car.

Any thoughts?

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