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Digging up someone buried alive

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Ok, I had this really strange dream last night, but before I explain the dream, I need to explain what is going on regarding the people involved in the dream.

There is this girl who is a Christian, but she lives a distance from me, but we keep in contact over the internet. I liked her a little bit, and she liked me, it wasn't long before we eventually fell for each other, and now we are I guess what people refer to as "unofficially dating". However throughout this blooming relationship we have here I have always doubted whether or not this was really the right thing to do. The thing is with the distance between us, I find the relationship might not work out well. Before we got involved I always told myself I want a girl who lives in my city. Simple as that, but I let that slide when this girl showed interest in me, since I liked her too a little bit. I figured that even though we were far apart, we could still make plans to visit each other, I liked that idea, but I still questioned God whether or not this was the right idea.

Then something complicated comes along. Girl #2. She lives in my city, also is a Christian, and also started showing interest in me. My first reaction was to think, "Oh Father, please don't let Girl #2 be interested in me." That prayer went unanswered, she was definetly interested. My initial response was to reject her, but something came up in my mind, and that was timing. Girl #2 came along (knowing nothing about what was happening between me and girl #1) at almost a few weeks later after Girl #1. After I had been praying to God and asking if this was what I should do. Coincidence? Or a different door?

Then came the dream. I dreamt that girl #2 was in a coffin, buried in my parent's backyard. In the dream she sent me a variety of texts, one was talking about "The grim reaper is trying to get me." -(That quote (although in real life she probably wouldn't be joking in that situation) is consitant with her personality. The other texts was The Lord's Name in vain, several "OMG". In the dream, the coffin was first buried under the van, so we had to move the van, and afterword, me and my dad tried digging her out before she ran out of air.

This makes me question what does this dream mean? I'm really praying for wisdom here. I know that long-distance relationships can and have worked out, but I'm not sure if a long-distance relationship is what God has in mind for me or not. Anyone have any opinions? Thanks very much, and God Bless you.

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Hi, v3ryan -

This is only an opinion. The efforts to free this girl in the dream could symbolize the extra efforts in maintaining/developing this long-distance relationship. You had to move the van, first, which may represent dealing with the issues of distance. Then, you had to dig her out of the ground. This girl may be a Christian, but that doesn't mean that she's free from all issues - not meaning to make assumptions, here, but the texts from her in the dream could be revealing aspects of her that you'd eventually unbury with time...and may not care for. Now, in the dream, it's not like this girl was forbidden...but, there was a lot of "stuff" that you'd have to work through to be connected with her.

Sometimes we're given a choice. One may be more convenient than the other, and yet neither one are necessarily wrong. My personal experience is that long-distance relationships are too difficult, in general. People say things like this all the time, but I dated someone who was more compatible with me than any relationship I've ever had - no one has ever seemed like more of a perfect fit that this girl. However, distance became an issue that overrode compatibility, and it didn't work out. Again, not assuming that it wouldn't work for you - just a personal experience that would make me think twice about doing it again.

Hope that this somehow helps.

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