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Healing and a Wedding???

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Hello all! Well, deep breath, here's a brief summary of where my life is now and the types of dreams that have come.
Real life: I had one of the worse break ups of my life May 2011, after two years of heavily dating. I have been told I am more mature than he and I believe that is spiritually and mentally, but I love/ed him enough to grow with him if he choose to try. With that being said, around one to two months before we broke up, I awoke to from a night mare that made my heart race and was very sad. In this dream we had broken up and he was gone. I was so happy to awaken and find he was with me and it is only a dream (so I thought) I was not aware of how God communicates with us through our dreams. Rewinding a bit, six months before he approached me to request our first date I had been praying for H, H and H (a Home, my Health and a Husband) all seemed to come together at the same time. I do believe God answered my prayer with him but based on the dreams I am about to share, I think God paused our relationship because of sin. We were fornicating and I knew better, he is a bitter divorcee and is afraid to remarry. So, we broke up and I began to pray for God to heal me and to guide my steps. After months of pain and much prayer I had a dream October 2011:
While sleeping in my daughters bed this night, a guide came to me and called
my spirit to come. The spirit took me to the doorway of my
bedroom and showed me a vision of Jesus laying on his side
facing "Joe". Jesus was reaching into "Joes's" chest and stomach
healing him. I cried tears of joy thanking Jesus for healing
~I had been praying for "Joes" healing mentally and physically. Is this symbolic?

Since this time I have had several prophetic dreams that were times I knew I'd see him at the store or I knew we would talk on the phone and how the communication would go. I have had prophetic dreams about family and friends but "Joe" comes up most frequent. Below a dream that is affiliated with "Joe" but I could not see the man’s face: The affiliation is "Joe" is a basketball coach and in the dream I knew he was affiliated heavily with sports, I just didn't know which sport.
Here's what I saw: February 3, 2012
I am standing in the back of this auditorium watching loved one and a man standing on the stage. Pictures are being taken of him while he stands there. He is dressed in a suit and his shoes are really nice shiny black dress shoes (Stood out the most). I eventually walk up from where I was standing watching and I join him and the man on stage. More pictures are taken and the photographer goes and stands near the audience. My loved one is facing me and he says things that made my cry tears of joy.

Then, February 5, 2012 I dreamed:
I am standing in a suite with my loved one (faceless) and we are dressed for a wedding. He in his suit and me in my long white lace wedding gown. I had my veil on because I could see my loved one through the veil. I see a woman standing near me and a man off towards the side of the room standing. My loved one is doing something to my dress, I felt he was very attentive to my needs and taking care of me by doing whatever it was. I felt this is why I love this man.

I believe these are wedding dream for "Joe" and I. Most of my prophetic dreams are actually "Joe" or "Joe" associated I can be pretty sure but the last dream with me in my gown has no face. I have several pending dreams that are personal relationship/family oriented dreams with "Joe" and I. They seem to be prophetic because they are showing personality characteristics that he and I have. Some good and some bad. "Joe" appears in my dreams so often that I should name my dream book "The book of "Joe" LOL. Had I not experienced so many prophetic dreams, I would just assume it's just my desires talking but because I know now I have this gift of dreams I cannot take them lightly. I desire to be married to "Joe" but my desire to do Gods will is stronger. It's been over a year since we broke up and I cannot seriously date because I am constantly seeking God and keep getting more good dreams about "Joe". I don't want to be deceived nor waste my time, especially since I'm not dating right now. I can't, every time a man asks me out I think "You’re not in my dreams” Please give me your insight!
nerd bandaid

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Okay first of all my name is Christina and your story interested me quite a bit. I'd like to tell you all the things that I know about this. First off there are three types of different dreams.
Dreams from God. Dreams from the DEVIL!!! and Dreams from OUR OWN IMAGINATION. In order to figure out what your dreams mean you need to understand where they are coming from. You need to consider that the Devil may be attempting to get you to be obsessed with Joe, or you could still have feelings for him and that is what is causing you to see those dreams a lot. I remember having a crush on someone and I would see him in my dreams all the time. But as soon as I've gotten over it, the dreams stopped. Also you need to focus on Pleasing God, after all Jesus said "First you seek the kingdom of God, then all these things which you need, will be added unto you. What this teaching really meant was 1.Please God 2. God will give you what your looking for. If you are meant to be with Joe God will make that happen. If not, then he won't let that happen. One more thing stop praying for him!!! God heard you the first time you prayed, you don't have to repeat it every night!! Just trust that God will take care of him and you!! Wake up in the morning thinking I trust God, and I know everything is going to be okay if you have any questions ask me! hee hee

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Could the "faceless bridegroom represent the Lord? The Lord is always attentive to the needs of his bride. Because of your feelings for "Joe", you may be seeing him instead of seeing the Lord as your bridegroom.

I agree with the other poster who said "Seek the Lord first"

I felt like the Lord brought to mind this scripture:
Isaiah 54:5
"For your husband is your Maker, Whose name is the LORD of hosts; And your Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel, Who is called the God of all the earth."

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