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Three different hotel scenes

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Me and another coworker (unsure who) were at some type of convention with my boss. In the hotel room, my boss was standing on two stacked large metal cans to reach something that was high. She ended up falling, and I caught her and her breakfast in my arms. She looked angrily at me as if she was thinking why I caught her. I thought that she should be happy I was there to prevent any damage done to her or the hotel's property. I saw that her coffee ended up spilling and her waffle fell on the floor. I told her I don't mind getting a new breakfast for her. My coworker and I get on the elevator to go to the floor that had the breakfast foods. I saw how elegant this hotel looked. Once we got to the floor, I told my coworker I'll go for the waffle and coffee and they can get other items. I start with the waffle and I see they have all kinds of flavors rather than the simple waffle mix used in the waffle maker. I may have told the server what happened because she joyously said "At the plates aren't broken!" as she gave me another waffle on the unbroken plate. The server gave me a waffle with what I thought was fettuccine. It definitely had some type of white cheese and green veggie topping like chopped spinach or chives. I walked away, then after contemplating I turned back around to get back in line because I remembered my boss had a fruity type of pancake and that she would most likely like that better. I exchanged pancakes for a pancake with red fruit toppings (pomegranate comes to mind, it was red and definitely different than strawberry). My coworker comes back to me with the items he or she obtained, and I suddenly remembered I forgot the coffee. I go to a dispenser to get coffee, but after walking with it for a while, I realized it was hot water in that dispenser and not coffee. I walked to another dispenser and dumped out the hot water and get coffee if it was in that one. There was actually coffee in that dispenser. I thought of getting creamer and sugar, but I remembered in the hotel room my boss's coffee was black.

I had another hotel dream that night, and I was mainly with my mother and brother. We were stopping at so many floors because we pressed the wrong button or forgot to press the button, so it took us to floors where other people were so they could get to where they wanted. The only scene I distinctively remember was the three of us getting off at one floor. It was an exercise floor. We checked out the first room and thought it was okay, but wanted to see what the other rooms had to offer. Another room was too packed and I thought we should have just stayed where we were initially.

Another scene I remember in the hotel was I went to a top floor with other people around my age or younger. It turned out to be a prep and recovery room for people going in and coming out of surgery. I was just an observant, but I remember seeing the young workers pushing people fast in their beds to get them to and from preparatory, operating and recovery rooms. There were two garage-like doors open which allowed the beautiful sunlight to shine through both sides of the enormous room with some glass windows in the ceiling allowing for more sunlight. I just remember being in awe and thinking how incredible this was. Now I am realizing they must have been servants of God.

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