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Running a race

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Dream btw: Joe is a fictitious name for my ex
1. (Joe) me and mom
2. We are sitting in church
3. Seating: Mom, then me, then (Joe) then some man
4. T.D. Jakes is ministering on live on purpose
5. When Jakes takes a pause mom and I laugh at how (Joe) is holding the mans wrist while we pray instead of holding the mans hand
6. (Joe) and I end up in a huge field
7. We race and I take the lead at first running in perfect form
8. I notice (Joe) is running in perfect form and surprisingly about to pass me and win
9. After we race we stand and talk
10. I get on bike and take off really fast and ride across a mountain of corn cobbs
11. (Joe) gets on his bike and begins to go really fast and beat me again
12. We are headed the same direction, both times I start and lead first then he comes
up and takes the lead
13. He went so fast he had to stop because of his ankle or something stuck him on his leg
14. Im quietly laughing
15. We were so happy and playful

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