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Skeptical lady coming to apt and Middle East destruction

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In what I believe was my first dream, I was with one of my old good friends from college in the town where my husband's new job is. He was at work, but I was showing her around town. We were walking to the apartment but lost track of how to get there. We ended up walking underneath another apartment complex's stairwell to the point that we had to squat to avoid hitting our heads on the steps. A lady saw us underneath and asked my friend if we needed help. My friend told this lady which apartment complex we were looking for as we came from underneath this stairwell. The lady said we had a little more ways to walk, but she didn't mind walking with us. The lady and my friend were walking together and conversing together. They got along great. The lady asked once we got to the apartment if she could see our controlled substance schedule report (I wonder if she meant lease, the controlled substance scheduled report is something we print off at work). My friend said yes sure, no problem. But I thought it was too confidential (a controlled scheduled report isn't confidential, which is why lease makes more sense in the context of this dream... Or maybe this dream has something to do with work?) to show just anyone, and why does she want to see it anyways. I ended up beating them to what was no longer my husband's apartment, but what I now thought to be was my brother's apartment (my brother doesn't have an apartment in real life, and I didn't recognize this apartment as one I've seen in real life). I went to the living and laid on the couch. Because my friend was so buddy-buddy with this lady, I'd let her continue talking to her because I was skeptical about the whole thing anyways. My friend and the lady walked into the apartment, but they didn't see me on the couch. My friend walked into a bedroom and found it and gave it to the lady in the hallway. I still laid down, then I got up to find out what was going on. By that time, the lady was in the back room sitting down reading it. She was reading it casually as if she definitely wasn't trying to scoop any information, but I still didn't want to give her the benefit of the doubt. She eventually gave the papers back to me and said thanks. She gave me some reason why she wanted to read it, but I don't remember why because after she told me my feeling of skepticism did not lift at all. So I didn't accept her reasoning, but just said oh okay and remained skeptical. As she handed the papers back to me, I also noticed my brother's name and his SS# on the first page. In my head I thought this wasn't a good idea, but I told myself she probably read over that part just to calm myself down. She left and that dream ended.

In another dream I was in a country in the middle east with what I believe was Syria (I do not know much about the Middle East or its problems to be honest, maybe this is something I should work on). I was standing on a land area that was close to water. Apparently this area had been bombed by another country what I thought was Palestine, and bridges were falling and the water was coming close to shore. In the dream, Syria was the dominant power but once Palestine bombed them they wanted to surrender after they saw the damage. I don't think Palestine wanted to let up so easily. I thought of this body of water as an ocean because I saw waves like how you see at the beach. I don't think lakes and rivers have waves. Anyways, the area was so destructed and gloomy. I walked closer to the water, and people who were in the water were jumping the waves like at the beach. They didn't care to come back to shore. Some people were actually swimming towards the ocean. I was confused what their motives were. Next, a piece of the pier broke apart into the ocean with people on it. People were screaming because they were terrified. I saw a ship in the distance, and I figured they would see the people on the pier and help out. Just in case, I wanted to follow on land where the pier drifted to keep an eye on it. I started jogging to keep up with them, and three other people who were on land with me did the same. Something told me, Jasmine you can do better than that! So I started running! Wow, it felt so good to run that fast! I was passing so many things so quickly (I wonder if I have been watching too many Olympic track events). We ran into a city where there were cars and street lights, not too heavy of traffic. This area wasn't destructed at all. The road had split, one guy went to the far right and me and the two other guys went to the far left. The water was more to the right and center, but I went left so I wouldn't be too close to the water. I don't know the others reasoning. I remember I was still running with the two other guys behind me and I could see the water in the distance. The dream ended before we made it to the water. I've never had a dream like that before. Are there any thoughts about this dream or the previous? Thank you.

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