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gracee (lionhgirl)

What would you do?

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I had this dream a little while ago...

I’m back at school standing at an oval with a friend and an old male teacher. We are watching the students playing the teachers in a game. I realise it’s the end of the year for these students and I start to cry as I remember my end of year. I say, “It’s the end of an era”.
Later I walk to the teardrop where my old teacher is standing alone in the rain. He says to me, “What would you do if you knew of someone who was blind to their memories for six months of their life. What would you do if you knew you could help them?”
We are interrupted by another man. They both start to walk away. I yell out to him, “I would accept the challenge, it could change his life!” He looks at me and then slowly nods, agreeing. Then he speaks to me, as if he was giving me advice the whole time – because of the presence of this other man.

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