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Leaving my son to fend for himself

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I had a dream we were going somewhere. My daughter and I were on a bus, I think heading to her school...but there were grown-ups on there too. I left my son behind at the house...he is only 4 yrs old. When we got close to the school, I seen him in his footie pajamas walking down the sidewalk. I had the bus-driver stop, and I brought him on the bus. I kept asking him how he got this far from the house by himself. He didn't give me a clear answer. Someone must have helped drive him...bc we were far from home. He had an opened big oatmeal cookie from mcdonalds in his hands. When I asked him who gave it to him, once again no clear answer. I dont think he knew the person. Then he seen someone on the bus I have never met, and my son jumped into his arms like he knew him. He was a hispanic man. I was surprised, and asked the hispanic man if he was a dad. He said yes, then pointed to his 4 or 5 beautiful kids on the bus. His one daughter had the most beautiful long and thickest eyelashes I have ever seen, that really stood out. The man said my son was welcome to come over his house at anytime. I said thanks, but in my heart I was like 'yeah right, I don't even know this guy'. Then I started smoking on the bus. I asked out loud to my son, 'Do you want to help me smoke this cigarette?' He said yes, and we both started smoking. I then looked under one of the bus seats and found some valuables that we lost, that belonged to us a while back. I cant recall what they were. I recall thinking in the dream, I should really teach my son about stranger danger.

IRL I haven't smoked in 10 years since God delivered me, I would NEVER leave either of my kids unattended, nor would I ever offer to them to help me smoke. I am very cautious of strangers as well, and I teach my kids this as well.

Any thoughts appreciated.

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