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$24 dollar bill??

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My boyfriend (IRL) Bill and I were eating at a restaurant. We were sitting in a front section, light and bright, and had a female server. We could only afford salads and an appetizer since this place was VERY expensive.

We ate yet were still hungry, but wanted to see how much the check/bill was for before we could consider ordering anything else because we wanted to be sure we had enough money.

I was trying to gather the money to pay. I wanted to calculate a 20% gratuity on top of the total amount and leave that much money so that I wouldn’t have to wait for change. The bill was $60 I think, and I wanted to leave $12, which would bring the total to $72.

Our waitress was standing there waiting while I was digging through my wallet/purse for $$$. I seemed to be rather disorganized; things were falling out of purse…I found my money, and as I pulled out a few “$20’s”, I noticed that one was actually a $24 dollar bill!!!

This $24 dollar bill was printed with crimson/maroon ink, on a creamy off-white paper that had a pale hue of that same crimson in it. The date on the bill was “1904”, and it was known that these were very rare and valuable old money bills because they were “prophetic” in that on the back of the bill, if you made 3 folds, it revealed a picture of a the big guns on the deck of a battleship, which foretold a war. We paid with other money; didn’t part with that $24 dollar bill.

After this, since we were still hungry, we moved to a different section of this restaurant. It was a darker section toward the back, and we had a different waiter, a man this time. He seemed to know that we had just eaten salad and an appetizer in the other section; he seemed annoyed because he knew we could not afford to order a lot. We were only going to get more salad; it was either free or all we could afford.

End of dream…

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