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firefighter clothes, a lazy susan and prayer

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I had this dream last night. I think I know what it means, but I could always use new insight:

I dreamed I was visiting my friends who lead the Bible study I attend. They lived in a different house than the one they live in now. I noticed my friend had plants that really needed watering. I was going to say something and then I noticed my friend watered the plants. I kept saying and emphasizing how I was praying for these friends (they're a married couple). It came time to leave and I tried to exit through a lazy susan in the kitchen. I got on my hands and knees and put my head in it, but I was afraid I'd get stuck so I went looking through the house for another exit. I finally found a door on the far side of the house. When I got outside, I saw garments like what a fireman would wear lying on a little hill beside the house. I knew they belonged to a man who lives with the married couple (but he is not a firefighter irl).

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