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Flying as a butterfly, then unable to understand Spanish-speaking kids

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I had a dream I left the lobby of a hotel and was walking through a large walkway outside, it looked like the outskirts of a football stadium. In the crowd, I walked past a couple people I recognized from years ago who were not too friendly. I looked their way because I thought they were saying something to me, but actually they weren’t. Later down the walkway, I quickly turned into a colorful butterfly. I could fly fast using my feet as a propeller. I felt so awesome and free. A coach recognized my abilities and wanted me on his team. He was timing me through distances and noticed I was unbelievably fast, but based on mechanics he also knew I had the potential to be faster. The hardest thing was flying fast while turning, especially when taking sharp turns. Leaning and balancing out the centripetal force felt scary as I almost flew into a wall. I knew that was what the coach wanted me to work on.

I flew away underneath an arch where the huge walkway ended. I entered a huge wooded area with big, beautiful trees, streams, and trails. I flew until I arrived at a school at the end of the path, I believe it was a school of theatre arts.

In the next scene, my dream started all over again. I noticed the unfriendly people again. I looked at them because I thought I heard something. I turned my head back around to continue walking down the path, and in the air was a butterfly who flew extremely fast past me! What I heard was actually something like a swoosh. I was amazed! I started flying towards the other butterfly to show that I could fly fast too, but the other soared past me. At that point, I knew it was a male and he was sort of playing around with me flaunting his high-speed flying. He flew into the woods, but I lost track of him. I flew into the woods wanderously looking for sight of him. But when I slowed down and became very observant, I saw him up high camouflaging with a tree trunk. That was awesome because he was a brown butterfly with black and forest green specs and blended so well with the woods. He was just watching me fly around because you couldn’t miss my bright colors in the woods. When I saw him watching me, I kept flying around as if I couldn’t see him being playful.

We were flying on the path towards the school, but saw two kids walking. The school closed down temporarily for a break. We saw the director and she told us that all the students had to leave. We asked well what about these kids. She said she didn’t know apathetically and kept walking. We were left with these two kids, a boy and a girl. The kids spoke to me, but I could not understand because they were speaking Spanish. I tried to say a few things, but nothing was really being communicated. The butterfly I flew with left all communication/translation up to me. Somehow a Spanish manuscript appeared of what these kids were saying. They were speaking along with this manuscript. The manuscript had three long bullet points, but I could not place where the kids were at in the manuscript. Each bullet point had one fill-in-the blank type of thing. Then I became focused on filling in the three blanks as they spoke like it was a test in school. When I found where they were in the manuscript, they were near the end at the last bullet point and I followed along well enough to figure the last blank should have “uno”, meaning one. The dream ended with me still trying to understand what they were saying and the other butterfly trying to communicate with gestures since it didn't appear he was able to speak Spanish.

Are there any thoughts as to what the symbols might mean? I saw on the website that butterflies represent new birth or freedom, and I felt so free while flying. When the other butterfly soared past me, I felt humbled because he was way faster yet seemed friendly. I didn't feel ashamed or slow because I sensed his free, playful and welcoming spirit. At the end of the dream, I wonder if the fill-in-the blank symbolizes me focusing on the wrong main ideas in situations. Upon waking, I felt I should have been more focused on following what they were trying to say rather than turning my attention to filling in the blanks, like a test in school. Maybe I am focusing too much on tests in school and not so much learning the information? I've been asking the Lord for guidance and direction on how to handle situations and using discernment fully and not just partially. The last part of that dream may or may not symbolize that. Please feel free to share any comments you all may have. Thank you.


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