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A Chance To See A Childhood Home

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Hello, all -

In this dream, I was with my mother (who often represents the Lord) and a few others from my family. We were going somewhere, and our route brought us near to one of my childhood homes. Since we were so close to it, I did not want to miss a possible opportunity to go inside it...just to see what it looked like now.

My mother must have known the current owner, because she was able to let me inside. The owner wasn't home while we were there. I was rather excited to see it, again. Inside, it was dark at first until my mother turned up the lights (like they were on a dimmer switch). First thing that I noticed as the lights came up was the new carpeting. I even remarked how classy it was - and how expensive it must have been. Then, I felt as if I shouldn't be standing on it.

From there, I looked around the rest of the living room. There was expensive things all around - furniture and pictures. I don't recall seeing any electronics. I thought about the owner and what he might be like...or, at the least, what he may do for a living to have all these things.

We didn't explore any more than that, from what I can remember. I do remember feeling how I wished that I could have this home. It wasn't any of the stuff inside it - it was because of how the home, itself, made me feel with all the childhood memories associated with it. Even if it hadn't been fixed up and whatnot, I wanted it just the same.

I would like to hear any thoughts on this one. I already feel that my mother represents the Lord, here. I also have the feeling that the meaning of revisiting this home is something that'll be revealed to me when it happens in real life - like, it may be a divine appointment with someone from my past, possibly? That's more of an idea than a definite.


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