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merchandise in 7-eleven, knives, and concert

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I went into a 7-eleven (a convenience store) with the intention to buy chips and a candy bar. When I walked in, I noticed how long the line was. I jumped in line first rather than picking out my items so I wouldn’t have to wait so long in line. As I got closer to the front, I decided to walk around the store to look for what I wanted to purchase. As I came back to the counter, one of my Indian neighbors (I believe they are Hindu) who was in front of me in line said that they will pay for my items. I asked were they sure and they said yes. The king-size reeses that I purchased had a hole in the middle of the wrapper, so I told the cashier I’ll get another one. He just told me not to eat the reese’s in the middle where the hole was. I thought that wasn’t sanitary, so I said no, I’ll just grab another one. The next one also had a hole in the middle, so I picked up a regular size reese’s instead that had no holes. There was even an issue with lotion I wanted to buy from there. I had to buy the smaller sized one because sanitary-wise there was also something wrong with the larger bottles of lotion.

Scene changes and I walked out of the store back to the car, but something occurred that made me pull out a knife to walk across the parking lot back to the car where my brother was (I don’t carry knives with me, only use them in the kitchen at home). I was walking in the rain, and I saw a few stray people. I held this knife in visible view so that nobody would mess with me. One older guy came up to me and threw his knife in the air to show how it could fly back to him (it was like a boomerang. When I was about 4, which made my brother 9, he would always make boomerangs out of paint stirrers). It was pretty cool, but his knife almost hit my head which made me apprehensive. My brother was also watching and he was much more thrilled than I was. I saw another guy walking over who was very tattooed and looked malicious, and I jumped in our Blazer on the driver side as fast as I could and locked the driver-side door because I was scared the tattooed guy was dangerous. My brother was trying to tell me to unlock the door so I could come back out. I didn’t because I felt safer in the car. I believe he was trying to tell me that everything was safe, but I didn’t want to take that chance. Eventually my brother came back into the truck, and we were drove somewhere.

The dream transitioned and it was Lil Wayne driving us to a concert. My brother sat in the passenger seat and I sat in the backseat behind my brother. I was in disbelief that someone famous was this close in proximity to me, but I kept my cool because I remembered I didn’t even like him or his music (I don't think my brother is much of a fan anymore either). Lil Wayne told us about another concert that went on last week, and he was looking for us and my father (my father passed away end of 2009) there because the one last week was better. My brother gave him some excuse or reason why we missed it.

We reached the stadium where the concert was, the Hampton Coliseum was what I felt it to be. But the dream transitioned and I was with an older cousin and my brother now. We were about to walk in to have our tickets scanned and find our seats. I can’t remember, but I believe I felt a little uneasy about something dealing with entering this concert. Are there any thoughts about this dream?
My brother is in the military oversees and my cousin is much older and about 4 states away. So I doubt we'd go to a concert together.

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